No TV and No Beer Make Homer Something-Something…

Last post got a little heavy, so let’s do a random one this time.  (You can tell it’s a random post because the post title is a Simpsons reference!  Whoo!)

  1. I’ve had a bit of a cold lately.  Why is it that when you’ve got a cold, people can call you a wimp for feeling bad and wanting to stay in and just be ill?  I’ve had the flu before and I’ve had food poisoning, etc etc…  And I never feel as bad as when I have a “simple” head-cold.  I think you should get a free pass to be miserable and pissy when you’ve got a cold.  But I seem to be largely alone in that.
  2. I’ve semi-resumed working on the next solo record, but I’m much more focused on Two Hangmen.  Rehearsals with Dave Knobel playing drums have been going pretty well, and I’m excited about what I think we’re capable of doing.  The solo record is an exercise and it’s a lot of fun…but there’s nothing like playing in a band.
  3. Comic books purchased this week:
    • Justice League #5
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6
    • The Flash #5
    • The Unwritten #33.5
    • Superman #5
    • Captain America & Bucky #626
  4. In my ever-spiriling-out-of-control, onward quest to find a cooler guitar tone, I’ve once again re-ordered my pedal-board.  Removed some stuff I’m not using added some stuff I’ve been missing.  Using the power of the amp a little bit more than in recent years.  Completely uninteresting to anyone but me…  But the short version is that I’m having a lot of fun figuring out which tone goes with which guitar and how to shape it.  My distortions and effects respond completely differently to my Telecaster than they do to my Les Paul, and it’s a lot of fun for me to experiment with that.
  5. I miss Conan O’Brien’s beard (again).  I’m on record as being pro-beard just in general…but Conan’s specifically just one of those dudes who looks better with a beard.
  6. Let me share something with you…  If you ever piss me off…like REALLY badly piss me off.  Like the kind of pissed off where I’ve stormed out of the room, called you a name, cursed your mother, and punched your cat on my way…THAT level of pissed off…  The way back into my heart?  Milky Way candy bar.  No bullshit.
  7. I’ve been trying not to be as political on the blog ever since Obama won in 08, but I’ve gotta say this…  If Newt is the Republican nom, I’m not sure I’m even going to vote.  It just doesn’t seem important or necessary to vote against him.
  8. Bought a new razor, on account of my face being overly furry.  (I like beards…but seriously, this is out of hand.)  Is it weird that I’m looking forward to trying it out?
  9. Read through book two of “Sandman” in one sitting.  It was really good.  A little brutal in places, but so was the first one…part of the genre.  But this is really an excellent series.  Read one of the four stores in book three, but this book’s stories kind of stand alone and aren’t as epic in nature.  Only read the first one so far, so I can’t say for sure, but I think I liked the first two books a little better (though I could’ve done without the spider stuff in book 2, even though it was done VERY sparingly), where they were more arching stories.  Still though, I’m very glad I’m finally reading this story.
  10. …and also I still have a job.  So that’s cool.

And that’s it for now.  Go out and live.  Turn off the computer and LIVE!!!


Just kidding!  Leave your computer on.  Here’s more words…

Current/Recent Listening:

  • Lou Reed – Berlin — Listened to it three times on Tuesday.  It’s lyrically very dark, but musically a masterpiece.  (And dark lyrics aren’t a big deal to me…I actually kind of find that sort of thing reassuring.)  I don’t know why “Men of Good Fortune” isn’t the most covered song in the world, but it probably should be.  And the guitar tones are just amazing.  But yeah…it’s a sad record.  Which is actually kinda cool and adds to the effect of it, coming right on the heels of the super-glam “Transformer” record like it did.
  • Lou Reed – Set the Twilight Reeling — An overlooked 90s record of Lou’s that’s probably the best thing he did in that era.  Even if lyrically all he really did was write about whatever thought he had on the way to the studio that morning.  (The first song is basically summed up as “I’d really like an Egg Cream.  Remember Egg Cream?  Guys?”)  Title track’s genius, and again, such lovely CLEAN guitar tones.
  • Black Francis – Bluefinger — Not to be confused with a popular James Bond villain, this is Frank Black’s return to the Black Francis moniker and it sounds like the Pixies record that never happened.

    …so there’s some stuff to check out, if you’re looking.  Though it’s all best described as an acquired taste.