About Derek

I’m a single guy, living in St. Louis.  I play lots of music on lots of instruments.  I’m an ordained minister, but I’m not really practicing right now.  I’m very much a Christian, but I see the value of the secular as well.  I’m a Democrat–and that’s not a contradiction, nor can you convince me that I shouldn’t be one.  I love life.  I love Chinese food.  I love the Three Stooges.  Oddly enough, I don’t really care if you love me.  But I hope we’ll find a way to coexist, either way.

Bands I’m in:

  • Derek Brink – My solo act.  I do a kind of rock-based thing on the records, but live I tend to do acoustic sets, because it’s easier.  The “band” is a revolving door of musicians.  Possible alternate name in the future: “Derek and the Somebodies.”  More info. available at my website.
  • Blue Tattoo – I formed this band with my brother (Dave, bass/vocals).  I play guitar and sing half of the songs.  We’re accompanied by our long time friend Chris Teague (guitar) and our fairly new friend Johnny Ream (drums).  We play rock stuff with a little bit of an outlaw country twist.  I love this band.  More info here.
  • The Michael Feldman Group – I’ve been in at least two incarnations of this band…probably more like four.  We used to do Christian blues-rock…but now we play classic rock and blues covers in bars.  You guess which one pays better.  More here.

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