Inanely Long and Absolutely Unacceptable

A few years ago, I wanted to read the book “Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close.”  (That’s right.  It was a BOOK long before it was a movie, kids!)  I eventually got it and read it, and it was good.  I can see why they’ve made it into a movie, though I didn’t see Tom Hanks being in it.  That was a surprise.  I guess the book had better sales than I realized.

Anyway…  At the time, when I was still looking for it, I had trouble remembering the name of the book.  I knew it was somethingly-something and somethingly-something-else, but I couldn’t ever seem to get it.  I mentioned it to my brother a few times back then and we both kept throwing together random words trying to land on the title.  It was fun, and to this day, I struggle to remember the actual name of the book/movie, because our made-up names were funnier.  Thought I’d give all of you (if any of you) a chance to join in…  So here are 15 variants of the title “Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close” that I’m making up on the spot, for your enjoyment.  (The post title itself is a freebie.)

  1. Enterprisingly Astute and Ridiculously Small
  2. Embarrassingly Loud and Extremely Farty
  3. Surprisingly Large and Enormously Slanted
  4. Shockingly Round and Disturbingly Moist
  5. Incredibly Hairy and Delightfully Askew
  6. Ashamedly Tall and Abundantly Absurd
  7. Insanely Proportioned and Obscenely Uptight
  8. Irreversibly Aloof and Extraordinarily Polite
  9. Aggressively Weird and Unbearably Pointy
  10. Stunningly Soft and Maddeningly Fluffy
  11. Stupidly Flat and Unambiguously Fruity
  12. Delightfully Quiet and Exceptionally Late
  13. Ravenously Sexy and Inexplicably Neat
  14. Unthinkably Shaky and Suspiciously Wet
  15. Wonderfully Rotund and Unfeasibly Chewy

…and that’s how I spend my free time!


Current Listening:

  • Been on a Lou Reed kick.  It’s my goal to own every Lou Reed studio record (and a few of the GOOD live ones) by the end of the year.  I’m about a third of the way there.  Most recently bought Metal Machine Music (remastered, limited edition), New York, and Ecstasy.  Liked New York the best of the three, though Ecstasy has its moments, and Metal Machine Music is an interesting experiment in aural torture.