Babbling about the places where I babble…

Well, I’ve done some cleaning up around the blog.  Got the links all organized.  Got my Tweets automatically posting in the margin…  Those of you reading this on a mobile device have no idea what I’m talking about though, because the mobile version of WordPress doesn’t show my margin-stuff.  Seriously…use a real computer.  (I think those of you who have this e-mailed to you can’t see that stuff in the e-mail either, but I’m not sure…)

I’m going to be working extra hard on my Internet “presence” (if any) in the coming weeks.  I’m going to be fixing some stuff with both my own and my band’s websites.  I’m going to be adjusting how I do online music sales.  Though I’ve found a cheaper solution to what I’ve been using, I’m considering removing my music from iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster and just selling MP3s directly through the website.  I might still stay on iTunes, just for the sake of it…but Rhapsody’s definitely gone (because the streaming thing they do actually KEEPS people from buying it, based on my sales stats) and Napster’s been worthless and hasn’t brought me a dime…  But I think I found a cool, easy way to sell MP3s in a form that looks not totally dissimilar to a blog.  Mostly because it’s software that WordPress developed.  Gotta play around with it a little first though.  Also plan to keep the Tumblr page going strong and I’m going to revive the podcast sometime within the next couple of months.  (I know…I’ve said that before…)

I’ve also massively increased my Tweeting volume.  Found a good, free app for my phone that makes it easy to tweet and doesn’t cost me any texts.  So now I’m posting random nonsense and happenings at the speed of Derek.  Facebook’s still a big thing for me though, because it’s where discussions happen…so I think of that as the MAIN micro-blogging I do, and Twitter’s just for pretending the thoughts in my head are worth sharing.  (Spoiler alert — They’re not!)

Dunno why…just in the past week, I’ve found myself with a big bucket of Internet Can-Do!  So I’m striking while the iron’s hot…because we all know I’m going to get lazy again really, really soon.

…oh…and when I’m closer to knowing when the new record (Pop Art Manifesto) will “drop” (as the kids have stopped saying), I’m going to do a complete re-design of the website.  Already designing it, but it’s not going live for a while.  Right now it’s mostly just conceptual sketches–haven’t gotten my website building program back up and running yet, after the Great Laptop Crash of 2011…  But if I can make it look as cool as it does in my head and make it as simple and user-friendly as possible, I think we’ll all be happy.

And I have no idea why I’m writing all this right now.  I’ve just missed blogging about things like this, I guess.  🙂


Current Reading (Comic Books):

  • Batman — Been really enjoying it ever since the relaunch.  Thought the “Court of Owls” sounded stupid when I first heard about it, but now I can’t get enough, and I’m very excited to hear that the “Court” will be at the center of a major event, spanning all of the Bat Books this year.
  • Morning Glories — Still one of the best things on stands.  Always weird.  Always intense.  And this issue has some of the best dating advice I’ve ever heard in it. “You need to find some girl who’s not doing you a favor every time she looks in your direction.”
  • Deadman — Shocked that I actually like this character in the New 52.  Never had much use for him, but from Brightest Day onward (and especially in Flashpoint), Deadman’s been a good read.
  • Sandman — Waiting on trades #2 & 3 to arrive in the mail from Barnes and Slowble.  (I call them that because their online shipping sucks.  I ordered them on Sunday.  They were in stock.  They didn’t ship until 10:30 last night and won’t be here until Monday.  Not the first time they’ve been this slow.  Membership card?  Not renewed. — Though I must say, when I order stuff in-store, it’s much faster.)  Can’t wait to dig deeper into the character and let the story unfold deeper and deeper.  Even before he really knew what he was doing (as he himself has admitted), Gaiman was awesome.