Flat Out Tired… (It’s a Pun)

Woke up and got in my car.  A light came on indicating I had a tire that was low on air.  Usually, that’s not a big deal.  Typically it just means that I’ve got to stop by a gas station and top it off…but it was about 20 PSI low.  That’s bad in a tire that’s supposed to hold 35 PSI of air.  I looked the tire over and it had a nail in it.

Okay…so that means the spare has to go on, right?  I checked the air in the spare and found it 30 PSI too low.  That’s bad too.  It turns out that it’s got a faulty pressure valve.  It won’t TAKE more air.  So, it’s useless and sooner or later I’ve got to get a new spare for my car.  (Hopefully sooner.)

Nonetheless, the spare HAD to go on to get the damaged tire back onto the car once it’d been patched…  So, car goes up on the jack, tire comes off, spare goes on…and jack breaks, bending into a shape that can not be defined by Euclidian geometry (with apologies to Cthulhu, that’s not a good thing).  I BARELY got the lug nuts on to get to the tire place, and I felt it wobbling all the way to the shop.

…but the (repaired) tire’s on again…and I worked from home because by then it was 10:00 and I didn’t want to lose any more time at work than I had to by driving in at that point.  And all told, it wasn’t THAT expensive a repair, but it was still money I don’t really HAVE to mess with until after my next paycheck.  (This month’s been kind of expensive.)

The worst part is, this is at LEAST the fourth or fifth flat I’ve had in the less-than-2-years I’ve had the car.  In the WHOLE of the time I had my last car (10 years) I had, I think, three flats.  Are they just not making tires as well, or did I offend the gods of going to work?  Your call.


Current Listening:

  • Rufus Wainwright — “All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu” — On the plus side, one of the FEW things I’ve bought for myself since the last paycheck that wasn’t food or bill-related was Wainwright’s new record.  It’s pretty good.  (I’m only a listen and a half through it, so it might grow or shrink in my opinion over time.)  I mentioned it here a little bit ago, too…it’s just him and his piano playing songs that are kind of darker and sadder.  My cup of tea!  I must admit that it suffers a little bit from the sparse arrangement.  Gets a little wearing on the ear after a while and I’m afraid some of the songs might not be fully appreciated as a result.  BUT, it’s short enough that once you start to notice that, there’s really only 15-20 minutes of music left.  So, to sum up…  Not my favorite thing he’s done…but it sure doesn’t suck.