I can’t believe this…

I can not believe I’ve finally caved in and gotten a blog. Meh…if it’s good enough for Pete Townshend, it’s good enough for me, I guess. (Or does that mean it’s way TOO good for me? What shows Pete the proper respect?)

I just posted a thank-you note at Townshend’s blog (http://boywhoheardmusic.blogspot.com). Pete’s a personal hero of mine, and the music of the Who (particularly “Quadrophenia”) is pretty much the reason I survived high school and college. Pete’s gotten a bit of the wrong sort of media-attention in recent years, to no fault of his own, but has managed to live through it and keep positive. That alone makes him a great person to look up to, if his musical prowess and wit weren’t enough. Some people point to Mother Teresa or the Pope when they think of people who’ve done good things. Based on the fact that I’m still living and breathing, I point to Pete Townshend, whom I’ve never met, and who probably won’t even see the message I posted at his blog.

I don’t know what I was hoping to accomplish in saying that…and I don’t really care either. Pete’s the best, and that’s all you need to know.

I’ll update with something REAL later…until then, everybody visit www.derekbrink.com and check out the stuff that badly needs updating THERE.