The Interwebs: Serious Business!

I’ve been running into a lot of Internet arguments lately.  Don’t know why.  Seems like I’ve even inadvertently started a few myself.  Not totally sure what the deal is, but it seems like people are taking things entirely too seriously these days.  I’ve been witness to (or directly involved in) at least four Internet conversations that started out goofy and joking-around, but ended up with people getting downright scolded for “going too far” or for “not sounding like they’re kidding.”  (The latter of which, of course, is impossible, since we’re dealing with text…but I digress…)


It’s the INTERNET, people.  It’s something that exists solely for the purpose of expressing your ridiculous opinion on a wide variety of subjects.  Sure you’re going to run into opinions you don’t agree with, jokes you don’t find funny, and worldviews you can’t accept.  Click away from it.  Don’t start insulting people and their personal lives because they posted something they probably only put three seconds of thought into on Facebook, or whatever.  You’ve surely got bigger problems in your real life…bills, kids, home-repair, and the like?  Any of that ring a bell?


I’m mainly writing this because I’m watching a Message Board I used to go to kind of collapse.  Well…maybe not collapse, but there’s a lot of bad blood and name-calling going on (which is pretty much why I hadn’t gone there in like six-months until yesterday).  It’s just ridiculous.  And I’m seeing people behaving in much the same way on sites like Facebook and MySpace, too (but different people).  Nothing we say on the Internet can be taken at face value anymore.  Everyone MUST have an agenda, an ulterior motive, or be plotting against someone else.  It can’t just be random gibberish spewed forth onto a screen, can it?


Seems like all technology’s done is make it that much easier for people to be crappy to one another — in real time, no less.


That said, I’d just like to reassure everyone that I plan on continuing to use my blog as a forum to piss and moan about everything.  🙂


Quotable Quotes:

  • “We don’t have errors. We have revisions.” – My brother, re: Blue Tattoo
  • “Look…” – The first word out of Barack Obama’s mouth when Rolling Stone asked him why he didn’t choose Hillary as his running-mate.  (Just found it funny for some reason.)
  • “Man…Average is dumb.” – Harvey Pekar

A Few MORE Random Thoughts…

Sorry about not writing anything yesterday.  Been kind of busy and exhausted.  Still not quite over my cold, and I’m a little light-headed from it.  Mostly been taking it easy between working and other commitments, so I haven’t felt too motivated to write.


Anyhoo…here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:


  • The $700 billion bailout that recently happened.  I find that number interesting. I decided to look at it in relation to the (minimum) $600.00 “rebate” checks we got last year. There were roughly 46 million Americans paying taxes in 2005 (which is the only stat I could find online), so let’s use that as our number of taxpayers in America.  If all of them got only the MINIMUM rebate of $600, that adds up to $27,600,000,000.  Some got a lot more.  (Also, I’m pretty sure we’ve got more taxpayers now than we did in 2005, but I have nothing to back that up.)  Since Paulson announced that we won’t actually be allocating all of the $700 billion to the banks (which I thought was, uhh, the POINT), it seems to me like the country really could’ve used the money we all burnt, huh?  Just thinking out loud there…much like I did at the time…
  • Those who are more astute readers (if any) may be wondering just what happened with that record I’ve been working on.  Found one or two things I needed to tweak, but it’s just about ready,  I plan on sending it out for replication near Thanksgiving, and I hope to have it just in time for Christmas.
  • My Christmas List is now a reasonable length.  🙂
  • I bought personalized guitar picks.  I’ve had ones that say “Blue Tattoo” on them for some time…but I finally ordered ones just for me, with my signature and one of my logos on it.  It’s kind of cool, though I realize it’s pretty ridiculous.  🙂
  • I’ve gotten little done today, mostly because my shoulder’s sore and it’s distracting me.  I don’t know what the deal is with that shoulder.  Seems like it keeps getting better, then worse on and off…  Of course, I guess if I didn’t keep deciding that when it’s feeling “okay” it would be a good time to start moving boxes around and whatnot, that might help.
  • Anyone else find Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling incredibly embarassing?  Me too.
  • I finally fixed my Gretsch guitar.  The strap button ripped out of it a couple of months ago, and it’s just been sitting on a stand ever since.  It was an easy fix, as it turned out.  I thought I was going to have to get some wood-fill and drill a new hole…  But a carpenter I know told me to “just get some Elmer’s” and use that.  He said he uses it on all his errors, and it produces a strong bond, but if you mess it up, it’s also an easy clean-up.  He was right.  🙂  So the great orange beast returns to my arsenal…

That’s all I can think of.  My brain’s been scattered lately and I can’t really keep focus long enough to remember what’s interesting in my life at the moment.  🙂  Hope that was semi-worth the read, anyway.

A Few Random Thoughts

No real theme for today…here’s one of my par-for-the-course potpourri posts…


  1. One of the things I was looking forward to most about the election ending was that I knew if Obama won, Palin would go away…yet she’s been on TV almost as much this past week as she was in the entirety pre-election crap.  At this point, even some of her biggest supporters (and those closest to the campaign) are calling her an idiot.  Since we all agree on that now, can’t we also agree to just let her fade away into the incredibly-long Alaskan night?  I mean, I don’t want to be a sore winner or anything…but I just don’t get why she’s still going on talk-shows at this point.  Doesn’t she have an office she’s supposed to be running somewhere?  How about if she — y’know — does THAT instead of bugging me during prime time?
  2. My cold got worse this morning.  My joints ache…and I have band practice tonight.  This is going to suck.
  3. My job’s been kind of hectic for a couple of weeks.  I’m finding time here and there to avoid working, but I’ve been taking some stuff home with me, I’m so far behind.  That’s something I’ve always tried to avoid.  I don’t like taking work home with me…but at the same time, I think I’d really like working from home, if I had that option.
  4. One more political thing…I was so excited about Obama coming in that I almost forgot the best news of all.  BUSH IS GOING OUT!!!  Honestly, even if McCain had won, at least I could still have been happy about Bush leaving.  I respect John McCain for all he’s done for this country.  Bush, on the other hand…well, let’s just say I don’t think I should have to treat him any better than he’s treated the middle class for the past eight years.  Just 69 days and counting, folks!
  5. Been taking a break from the Feldman schedule.  (Not just me, the band as a whole.)  It’s nice to have some time off.  We’ve got a gig or two next month, but for now I’m just happy to have some Saturdays free.  It’s been so nice to be able to put up my feet and REST on my day off that I don’t even miss the extra money.
  6. It’s Veteran’s Day.  You’re welcome.  I didn’t remember either.  Much as I like the Vets I know; if it’s not a day off, it’s not a holiday.  Sorry the country doesn’t care enough about you folks to let you sleep in.
  7. So the St. Louis Rams look so bad on the field that even I’M talking about it.  Seems like firing the previous coach wasn’t the magic cure-all everyone thought it would be, huh?  New kid getting fired, too?  Is it just time to admit that we suck and until the players get better at their job, cosmetic staff changes will accomplish nothing?
  8. I mentioned (Olympic goal-medalist) Shawn Johnson in passing yesterday and someone I know immediately started telling me that there is apparently a revealing picture of her on the Internet (something to do with her singlet bunching up in a promo shot for the Olympics — I haven’t Googled it, personally).  My response to that, “Dude…she’s sixteen!”  His reply, “…legal in Ohio.”  I couldn’t think of a way to answer that.
  9. Update on my great fight against my waistline…  I started out at 200 a couple of weeks ago.  Got down to 195 — which isn’t much, but is progress — then ate like crap for three days and now I’m leveling off at about 197.  Still not great, but at least it’s something.  I just need to develop a little more discipline.
  10. In complete defiance of #9…  Anyone know where I can get a good Red Hot in the St. Louis area (preferably in the Florissant/Hazelwood area, but I’ll go as far as O’Fallon, if need be)?
  11. My shoulder’s been killing me all day.  I’ve got to stop sitting in the weird way I tend to sit on the couch.
  12. 95% of the time, “affect” is a verb and “effect” is a noun.
  13. I still haven’t slept well.
  14. My Christmas List is currently insanely long…but I plan to have it shortened up and reasonable before Thanksgiving.

That’s all for now.

“While we’re at it, baby, why don’t you tell me some of your biggest fears…”

The post title is a reference the the Pixies song “I’ve Been Tired.”  Wanna know why?  ‘Cause I’m tired.


I haven’t been sleeping well.  Partly because of the cold I’ve been fighting (it gets worse when I lay down), partly because artificial heating hurts my eyes (and it’s like 40 degrees in St. Louis, so the heater’s on), and partly, it’s just the good-old insomnia.  (I say again, as I do semi-annually, I am not using insomnia as an excuse to be up late and have fun — which is how most people use it — I’m referring to it as the disease that it is, and it is terrible.)


I’m at the point that coffee doesn’t help.  I’m sitting here, having downed about three cups of coffee, and I’m yawning, stretching, and I feel like I could just lay my head down and sleep for a week (were it at all appropriate to do so right now).  Unfortunately, I’ve got to stay awake for a few more hours, at least.  Then the cycle begins again, probably.


But, on the plus side, I have discovered that if you wait up late enough, TV Land shows “Mad About You” and “Murphy Brown” back-to-back.  That’s been alright.  And it’s weird how a lot of the same names from the 80s and 90s are still applicable, watching “Murphy Brown.”  Almost sad, in fact…but I’m tired of discussing politics, so that’s all I’ll say about it right now.


Anyway, if no one’s getting any fluid thoughts from me for a day or two…that’s why.


Current Listening:

  • I put my iPod on shuffle.  It’s weird how many songs I don’t know.

Things are SERIOUS…

Most of the conversations I’ve been actively involved in since Mr. Obama won the election have been fairly heavy.  I’ve made my contribution to some tensions…I’ve tried to put out fires elsewhere…but one way or another, it’s been kind of intense lately.  The country is changing.  The WORLD is changing.  Some people are afraid.  Some people are angry.  Some people are overjoyed.  This is a critical time in America’s history and things could either turn very bright…or very ugly.


So here is a picture of a horse with its head stuck in a tree.




(I stole that from Jon over at, and I’m sure he got it from somewhere else as well…but he’s definitly linked to where-ever he got it from as well…so we’re good.)