I was a sinner…

…until I saw The Reverend Horton Heat.


Just got back from the concert a little bit ago.  Awesome show.  Probably the best and most energetic mosh pit I’ve seen in a few years, and the band was freaking ON tonight!  Lots of fun and some really great songs.  Even broke out a cover of “Rock This Town,” which will hopefully put some of this “Stray Cats vs. The Rev” stuff to bed.


Going into the show, my shoulder hurt (I’ve been having some problems with it lately).  It moved into my back a little bit into the second act (the kind of embarrassing to watch “Nashville Pussy” — who you pretty much have the right impression of just by their name).  I went off to the bathroom, partially to make use of it, and partially just because I had to walk a little.  Then I felt really stupid about whining about my back, and the whole evening was put into perspective.


All I’m saying is that when a guy is wheelchair-bound to the point that he’s got to have a friend stand outside of the stall while he takes care of business, then the guy has to go in and help him pull up his pants and get back into his wheelchair…  Not only are those guys the best fans a band could ask for…they’re also probably really great people to hang out with.  A friend who’ll wipe your ass for you is a GOOD friend.


So I left the bathroom and stopped complaining…and it was a great show.  They even played “Galaxy 500.”  🙂


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Some movie with Kurt Russell in it…which is pretty much why I’m typing…

I Took a Survey

As most of you know, I donated to President Elect Obama’s campaign a couple of times.  I was sent a survey by his people asking about the experience and inquiring about willingness to play a future role in his ongoing campaign, and I filled it out.  One of the questions they asked was “What was you greatest challenge during the campaign?  What was your greatest success?”  (Or a similar wording.  I didn’t copy it verbatim.)


I didn’t quite answer them in the same words I’m going to use here, but I came pretty close…I’m just adding some stuff because — well — it’s my blog, and I can!  🙂


My greatest challenge was also my greatest success.  As many of you know, I work on a Christian college campus.  As statistics will tell you, our churches (and thus staff and students at the school) are largely middle-class, white, Conservative people.  I’m not judging anyone in saying that…it’s just statistically what we’re made up from.  Of course, we DO have higher (and lower) income families, minorities, and Liberals sitting in our pews…but largely, we’re statistically not Mr. Obama’s base.


As such, it was a BIG challenge being the “campus Liberal” as I’ve come to be known in some circles.  In fact, there are STILL some folks on campus who are fairly guarded around me, just because I filled in a different circle than they did.  (Sad, or stupid?  You be the judge.)  It wasn’t easy coming into work some days, knowing that there would be people who would confront me on my voting practices, and worse that some would question my moral fabric due to the whole “pro-life” thing (and, once again, I actually AM pro-life…but I guess I’m just not pro-life ENOUGH for some people).  In many ways, it was kind of a living hell.


But that was also my greatest achievement.  I held my ground and didn’t apologize for feeling how I feel (though I once or twice found myself apologizing over my tact).  There were a couple of situations where someone asked me for my honest thoughts and I was able to explain things reasonably and calmly.  A few of those who listened told me that I changed their thinking on some things.  I have since come to find out that some even voted for Mr. Obama on election day.


…but better than that…


One student went out of her way to stop by my office and tell me that it was “because of me” that she’s not afraid to tell people that she’s a Democrat anymore.  I know that may not seem like a lot to some people, but it meant a lot to me.  Even if it hadn’t been for “my” party, I’d still be proud of helping someone find the courage to be who they ARE as opposed to what they’re expected to be.  That’s a good feeling…


…and I just wanted to share it with all of you.  🙂

Ten Things I Learned the Hard Way

In life, we all have those little moments where we learn something.  They may not be anything VERY significant or even interesting to anyone else but you, but they are moments when you think, “I must remember not to do that again.”  Thinking over my life…here are ten things I learned that I really wish someone would have told me in advance.  Enjoy!

  1. If you put a fast-food item in the microwave still in its wrapper, it’s likely to burst into flames.
  2. If you hit your fingernail hard enough, it’ll look all weird and purple after a while and the white part will start to move down toward the end of the nail.  But don’t worry!  That purple part is the NEW nail coming in.  Once the white part is gone, you’ll have a whole new nail to screw up all over again.
  3. If you handle habanero peppers, wash your hands THOROUGHLY before going to the bathroom.
  4. It’s okay for Jewish people to talk like Mel Brooks, but when YOU do it, it’s offensive.
  5. You can sneeze and fart at the same time…but I wouldn’t recommend it.
  6. If you drink an entire bottle of DayQuil in one hour, you will not remember the rest of the evening.
  7. He who hosts your e-mail can also READ your e-mail.
  8. You never stop feeling bad about the time you cursed-out the old lady.
  9. If you drink beer, then a couple full glasses of whiskey, do NOT follow it up with a corned beef sandwich.
  10. If you don’t know where the spider went, strip off your clothing and IMMEDIATELY shower.

Hope that helped some of you avoid doing things I’ve done.

Current Watching:

  • Re-watched “The Great Race” starring Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis last night.  One of my favorite movies.  Always funny.  Super-bummer about Natalie Wood, though…

It’s Not Even THANKSGIVING Yet!!!

So, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.  And that pisses me off so bad!


Here’s the rule, people…your lights and decorations are NOT permitted to be arranged and lit up until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  You’re at LEAST a week and a half early, most of you.  Even around the office, they’re already decorating.  They have the “excuse” of the students being off for the full week of Thanksgiving, then they’re only here for two weeks…but come on!  Two weeks of merriment should be more than enough at a college!


Also, you’re all way too early with your Christmas music.  I was hearing that stuff on the radio before HALLOWEEN (when all good Christians celebrate the birth of Satan, or something).  I’ll allow you to listen to Christmas music slightly earlier than I’ll allow the lights and whatnot…but give a guy a break.  I mean…I don’t LIKE Christmas music.  Well, most of it, anyway.  I like a handful of songs (it’s approximately 12)…but if I hear “Carol of the Bells” one more time, I’m going to…do…something.  I haven’t quite worked out what yet.


Contrary to all of the above, I love Christmas.  I like buying stuff for other people and watching them open it…and YES, I’m not afraid to admit that I like getting gifts just as much, if not more (anyone who says they “don’t” is a liar, and deserves no presents).  I like getting together with family and friends.  I like the weird slushy thing that Susan makes every year that usually causes me quite a headache the next morning.  I even actually LIKE the decorations!  It’s just too early.


…and balance all of that against the fact that I’m the guy who wrote a song titled “A Joyous Christmas Hymn,” which contains the f-word in every line.  (Not “stanza,”mind you…every LINE.)




Quotable Quotes:

  • “I like being the underdog.  It’s better than sucking.” – Frank Black
  • “Get some self-confidence, you worthless piece of sh*t!” – Heeley

A Few Headache Tips…

I’ve had a headache all day.  Right on top of my head, and a bit into my neck.  Hasn’t been too bad, but it’s bad enough to make my blog…which, now that I think of it, doesn’t mean anything at all, does it?


Anyway…here are a few tips on what to do if you’ve got a headache.  I wouldn’t recommend all of them at once.  Some of them would probably conflict with one another.  You’ve got to know your headache and know which tip works for which headache…  Anyway…let’s go…

  • Hot Shower – And particularly, wash your hair.  It’s amazing how washing shampoo and conditioner out can just soothe and relax your entire body, head included.  This can work wonders.
  • Hot towel to the eyes – Very particularly if you have sinus headaches, and/or headaches related to dry eyes.  The heat from the water on the towel produces tears and whatever makes that happens also tends to relax the sinuses (which is why so many people snot-out when they cry…so watch out for that).  It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t make the towel so hot that it burns your eyes or face…but I would hope none of you are that stupid.
  • Ibuprofen – Not Tylenol.  Ibuprofen is one of the best drugs out there for relaxing your muscles…and that’s what a headache is, the muscles in your head contracting.  Sometimes though, pills don’t do much for a headache.  Don’t let that alarm you.
  • Sleep – A really good cure-all for whatever’s wrong with you.  The body needs time to regenerate.  That’s actually probably why I get headaches fairly often…I don’t sleep well.
  • Visine – Sometimes, it’s just your eyes.  Sometimes they’re dry and it makes your entire head hurt.  As odd as it seems, this is EASY to overlook.  I’ve had headaches whereupon putting Visine in my eyes had provided INSTANT relief.  And don’t be afraid.  Dripping it into your eyes is a little horrifying at first, but once you’ve done it, it’s SOOOOOO worth it that you’ll never be afraid of it again.
  • Have someone rub your neck – It’s amazing how many headaches originate in the neck.  Trust me on this one.
  • Ice pack – Sometimes heat doesn’t work, and you just need to put some cold on the part of your head that hurts.  I find this especially feels great on my “hair-aches,” which is what I call headaches that are worst along my hairline.  (These usually occur if I’ve not showered that day and my hair’s a mess, or if I’ve worn a hat for too long.)
  • Don’t eat starches or grains – I don’t know why…it just seems to make them worse for me.  Might just be me, though.
  • Coffee – Regular…black.  Caffeine causes blood to flow faster and that helps on stuff like headaches — especially when you’re taking Ibuprofen.  Just helps the medicine move right into your brain…or something…
  • Wear a hat – Contrary to the “hair-ache” thing above…  Sometimes when I have a headache along my forehead, it helps me to ignore it if I just put a hat on.  The pressure from the hat makes me think it isn’t a headache and it’s just the hat on my head.  Especially good for those ones where my temples are throbbing.  Sometimes restricting the muscles is the way to go.

Those are just a few that work for me sometimes.  Hope it helps.  I know how many of you come here for health advice.  (For God’s sake, don’t do that.)


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  • Weird mix CD.  Got some Frank Black, Neil Young, Springsteen, Ray Davies, Aimee Mann…mostly singer/songwriters.   But there’s some Old 97s on there, too.  Etc…