My Records

I’ve had a long career.  I presently appear on about nine records that I’m willing to admit to.  Here’s a brief summary of each one.  Sooner or later, I’m hoping to post some samples.  You can purchase all of the solo records online at or via the handy-dandy “Download on iTunes” links below (also available at Napster and Rhapsody).

Derek Brink – Grounds


  • Track List:
    1. Fall Apart
    2. Stranger
    3. Battle Cry
    4. A Song for Friendship
    5. Everything
    6. Wish I Could Tell You
    7. AMB 4
    8. Moments
    9. One Man
    10. Diner
    11. Wonderful
    12. He Is…
    13. Beautiful
  • Personnel:
    • Derek Brink – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Hammered Dulcimer, and some arbitrary percussion.
    • Nikomas Perez – Drums and Percussion
  • COMMENTS: Grounds was my first solo record.  It’s a little rough, but the songs hold up pretty well, and it seems like I get the most compliments about this record.  Frankly, I like it, but I feel like I’ve done better since.


Derek Brink – Things I Meant to Say


  • Track List:
    1. Coming Storm
    2. Scars
    3. Hands
    4. Off My Feet
    5. Jesus Doesn’t Care
    6. Being There
    7. Simple Things
    8. Something More
    9. It’s Alright
    10. Promises
    11. Earned
    12. I Was Born
    13. Looking Back
    14. Things I Meant to Say
  • Personnel:
    • Derek Brink – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Hammered Dulcimer, Harmonica, and drums on the title track.
    • Tim Heeley – Drums and Percussion
    • Becky Outlaw – Background vocals
  • COMMENTS: This was my second record, and I’m really proud of it.  It centers around the concept of saying things that are important–when you maybe would normally either assume everyone already knows, or that it’d be hard to say those things for one reason or another.  It was born out of the loss of five friends of mine who died in a single morning, when their van was rear-ended by a garbage truck.  It’s a chronicle of a difficult time in my life, and one of the most significant ones as well.  I love the songs, and I loved working with Tim and Becky.  It was a great experience, and I hope people like it even half as much as I do.


Derek Brink – Out from the Light


  • Track List:
    1. Good Things
    2. Remember Me
    3. In My Heart
    4. Please
    5. Immortal
    6. Out from the Light
    7. Season of Discontent
    8. Angel
    9. Born in this Town
    10. Long Dark Night
    11. Selfish
    12. A Turning
  • Personnel:
    • Derek Brink – Guitars and Vocals
    • Dave Knobel – Drums and Percussion
    • Jim Ousley – Bass
    • Dan Drake – Keys
  • COMMENTS: After “TIMTS” I felt the need to explore deeper and darker topics.  It’s a pretty intense listen, lyrically.  Musically, though, it’s probably the prettiest sounding thing I’ve done.  Funny how sometimes you find light in dark places.

Derek Brink – New Year’s Eve

Available ONLY at this link on my website, absolutely FREE.

  • Track List:
    1. New Year’s Eve
    2. Left it All
    3. Letting You Go
    4. Nothing Stays the Same
    5. Only the Memory
    6. Gone
    7. Falling
    8. Make Something of Myself
    9. Suspended
    10. Epilogue (New Year’s Eve / Wonderful Words of Life)
  • Personnel:
    • Derek Brink – Everything
  • COMMENTS: A five year labor of love.  Done over a few weekends, meticulously mixed and mastered in mono, and available online exclusively at as an absolutely FREE download.  No sign-ups.  No registration.  No subscriptions.  No strings attached!  It’s a concept piece, with a full short story to go with it.  Enjoy, with my compliments!



Blue Tattoo – Logan County EP

  • Track List:
    1. The Difference
    2. I Go…
    3. Tear it Down
    4. Mother Maybelle’s Shotgun
  • Personnel:
    • Dave Brink – Bass and Vocals
    • Derek Brink – Guitar and Vocals
    • Johnny Ream – Drums
    • Chris Teague – Guitar
  • COMMENTS: We did this as a demo to get gigs.  It’s good, though.  Available as a FREE download at


I’ve also done four records with the Michael Feldman Group. 

Not going to provide as much info for these.  You can read about them on mine or Mike’s website.  But this is what the covers look like.

Michael Feldman Group – Narrow Road

Michael Feldman Group – Make Your Plans Big

Michael Feldman Group – A Bend in the Road

Michael Feldman Group – Waitin’ on the Rain

One thought on “My Records”

  1. Derek,
    Just finished your lastest album, Out from the Light. It was AWESOME! I loved it. Great job!
    I particularly like Immortal, Born in this town, and a Turning. We should be singing Immortal in chapel.
    I also love how real it is. Your lyrics are powerful and full of emotion. I really makes me feel like I can feel what you’re feeling – which is what makes good music!
    The music is really good to. Has a different feel to this one, which I really like.
    Great Album!

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