Empty Checking (Podcast)

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This page hosts the current edition of Derek’s “Empty Checking” podcast.  For additional posts, previews, archives, and some other goodies, please visit the HOME of “Empty Checking” at http://www.derekbrink.blogspot.com.  (You can also click the image at the top of the screen.  It’s a link!  Wow!)

DOWNLOAD: Empty Checking – March 5, 2011

Information/Derek Covering his Butt:

1. There may be some “strong” language. I speak the way I speak. I promise that I will try to avoid excessive profanity, but I can not guarantee that every podcast will be absolutely swear-word free. It is recommended that any listeners be 13+, due only to the potential of me using some “dirty” words. 

2. There are likely to be spoilers in each podcast. I assume that if you were interested, you’d have read/watched/listened to it by the time I’m posting about it…whatever “it” is.

3. Sometimes I’ll like the stuff I review. Sometimes I won’t. I will likely be fairly critical of some of the things I review. However, I will do my best to be fair. ACCURATE…but fair. If I absolutely hate something, I’ll let you know…but I will try not to just blindly blast something for the sake of it. 

4. All podcasts will be posted to the WordPress blog as a single link with minimal text.  The Blogspot blog will contain fuller information and some additional related posts. 

5. Each download will always be released ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

6. All recordings will be released under a creative-commons agreement with www.ourmedia.org and www.archive.org.  You are free to redistribute all or any part of the podcast for any NON-PROFIT venture. However, I would appreciate due credit, a link back to my page, and/or a quick note to let me know you’ve used something I said.


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