Driving Onward…

Alright, well…so it’s been a heck of a couple of weeks…

Remember how I mentioned in my last post that I got my car back but I now have to jiggle the key to get it started after the stellar work that Bommarito Ford in Hazelwood, MO did on something completely unrelated to that, even though it wasn’t happening before (Trump donating) Bommarito Ford worked on it? And remember how I said I was hoping to make it a month before taking it in (somewhere other than Bommarito Ford) to fix that? And how I might end up selling the car in six months at that rate?


The ignition crapped out on me and I can’t get it started. Thankfully it’s parked somewhere that I could leave it…because at that point I decided I was done. That’s a small fix. But it’s another $500 on top of the $1835 I paid to Bommarito Ford in Hazelwood, MO for the problem that existed *prior* to taking it to them. (That dealership again: Bommarito Ford in Hazelwood, MO.) And…I’m out. I’m tapping out.

So I got a new car. And I’m working on selling the one that broke down. (I figured selling it myself would result in a better price than taking a non-running car in for a trade-in. Long story short, it’s not going well. If anyone wants it, the ACV is $5900, but there are some dents and dings and the ignition needs to be fixed. I’m presently asking $4000.) 

I wasn’t planning on having a new car just yet. I was hoping to make it a couple years to begin with, but even as it is I still got it a LOT sooner than I was prepared to once I made the decision. I went to see a friend who sells used cars (and is also a pastor–way to lean into the stereotype). My plan was to LOOK at a couple and just start getting an idea of what’s in my price-range and what my options might be. And he ended up having me test drive a 2013 Chevy Equinox. And I liked it. And even though it was sooner than I wanted it to be, I popped on it and long-story short after some finagling that also involved my dad, it came home with me.

I like it. It’s fine. But I still view getting a car and having a payment for the next several years as a major loss that really fucks up a lot of things about my life. But to keep working since the pandemic is (VERY FUCKING FAR FROM BUT I GUESS WE’RE IGNORING IT) over, I have to have a car. So I do. At least the stereo’s good. And it’s roomy. If anybody would like to suggest any bumper-stickers that need to go on it, feel free. (There’s a fee of $4000 if your suggestion wins.)

It only came with one key. So I should probably have a second key made. I don’t know how to do that. Or who to ask. Or what it will cost. Probably too much. Whatever.

And I need to go to the fucking DMV to…do whatever the hell it is you do in this situation. I don’t know. I’m going to take a copy of EVERYTHING and just hope I can still sit down in a chair after they’re done doing what they do to me. (Spoiler alert…I won’t.)

It’s dumb that you have to pay your sales tax at the DMV after buying a vehicle. It’s…I just signed away a shitload of money and now I have to give somebody ELSE more of it for no reason… I’m sure there are stand up comics who’ve pointed out how stupid that is before. This is old ground… But imagine buying a TV and then having to go to a different, bureaucratic hellscape to pay the sales tax on it. What kind of God would allow that?

But hey for the handful of people younger than me who don’t know to do this…any time anybody, ESPECIALLY a car dealer, says “no money down” to you, the next words out of your mouth need to be, “And how does my payment change if I put down (amount you’re able to put down)?” Because it could drop by HUNDREDS if you can put a few thousand dollars down on a car. “No money down” just fucks you in the (pretty immediate) future. Don’t ever fall for that shit. Nobody tells you that. So there. I told you that.

So…now I’ve got a car. And a payment. Which is going to hurt. A LOT.

But hey…at least it’s all my fault for trying to do my best.

Anyway, my podcast is going to have a new episode this weekend.

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