I can no longer find random Simpsons quotes, so I guess I’m just writing whatever here now…

So what has happened since May 22? It’s been a month since I last wrote. I used to do this daily. I guess when I was younger I had more to say. Now I just say the same shit over and over and people are like, “there he goes again…” But I digress. Let’s do this in the way where I just talk about stuff as it occurs to me and I number it and whatnot… In 2004 we called that “everything/nothing” but all those little shits who run YouTube now probably call it something else.

  1. For several years I did this gimmick with a random Simpsons quote in the title. But the webpage I used to use to generate a random quote has been taken down because Disney won’t let anyone have any harmless fun–even with properties they didn’t create and yet profit from, despite the fact that quoting those properties doesn’t hurt them in any way, shape, or form… So that gimmick’s dead. And so is a part of my soul. Thanks Disney, you fucks.. Daffy can kick Donald’s ass any fucking day of the week, by the way. And fuck Mickey, too. Just fuck him in the neck.
  2. I got my car back. It cost me $1835. But I got my car back. Now I just need it to run for another year to two and I can trade it in. I’m not sure it’ll make it. But I’ve got a friend at a Kia dealership that I’m looking forward to visiting whenever it happens… When I got the car back, it came with a slight problem. Now I’ve got to jiggle the key to get it to start. I didn’t used to have to do that. That’s new, since having taken it to (known Trump supporter) Bommarito Ford in Hazelwood, MO. Prior to that I never had to jiggle the key in my life. Including the day it died. But after paying (again, known Trump supporter) Bommarito Ford in Hazelwood, MO $1835, now I have to jiggle the key to get it to start. So EVERY time I start it comes with the possibility of it not starting–moreso than usual. I’m not SAYING that they broke that on purpose to try to fuck me out of another $400, but if one were to draw that conclusion, I couldn’t possibly stop you. So I’ll have to fix THAT eventually too…but I’m hoping it makes it a month or two before I do….
    Shit… I might sell this thing in 6 months instead of waiting…
  3. I went back to my office for a day last week and I’m planning on going back a day this week. I’m easing in. They want us to all start transitioning back in July, so I’m taking it literally one day at a time. The first day went okay. I’ve been having some pretty extreme anxiety attacks any time I’ve had to walk into a public building lately, so I was worried about it…but no problems on the first day. It helped that the first people I saw were my direct boss (who I’ve known since college), my best friend (who I’ve known since the 90s), and my very good friend (who I’ve known since about 2014). It felt safe and basically comfortable. But if I’m honest, I am definitely going to miss a LOT about working from home. I feel like I’ve been thriving in this environment. But I know many others have been struggling pretty bad. So I get it. I’ve got to go back. Fortunately, that seems like it won’t be so bad. After my first day, I rewarded myself with a banana split.
  4. By the way, I’m presently checking in at 155 lbs. My lowest weight was 145 at the very end of 2019, but I’ve mostly been 150-155 since. The diet worked and I’ve been intentional about making it stick. Everybody can do that. You just have to want it enough to eat a potato instead of a bag of potato chips. (That said, medically speaking I should be more like 135…but I lost 100 fucking pounds… I’ll take it for now.)
  5. I’ve been on a Tragically Hip kick. In the past week I’ve listened to Gord Downie’s complete solo discography, several of The Hip’s albums, and watched a couple BluRays. They were great and a lot of Americans (including myself) missed out on them for a long time.
  6. My family got together for a bit on Father’s Day. It was good to see everybody. My brother has a smoker/grill that runs on wood pellets and he takes any opportunity he can to fire it up (as would we all). He cooked some really fucking good chicken this time. (He’s also done really fucking good burgers, really fucking good hot dogs, really fucking good brats, really fucking good pork steaks, and so on…) My grill is currently a rusty mess and unusable. Which is probably the best thing for my health. But I would like a goddamn steak sometime…and I’m not ready to go into restaurants to get one yet.
  7. Since my last post I turned 41. My birthday went fine. We did that at Dave’s place, too. Got cool gifts. I’m slowly working my way through a 10-disc(!) collection of the Woodstock festival. There are a lot of bands you don’t remember and stage announcements you don’t care about between your CSNYs and Whos and Hendrixes and so on… (Is that how you pluralize “Hendrix,” by the way? Has anyone else had to do that?) It felt a little better than my 40th, which was spent in isolation, for sure. I hope in 2022 I can do what I WANTED to do for my 40th and just set up shop at one of my favorite bars (probably Blueberry Hill) and just have people come by for a burger and a beer (or whatever’s your poison). But we’ll see… I’ll be able to justify it…after all, when I’m 42, I’ll officially be the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything…
  8. You know how some bullshit people say you’re supposed to speak your wishes into the universe to manifest them? Well Jason Isbell signature Telecaster. Okay?
  9. I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’ll probably go into that on the podcast though, so I don’t want to go into detail now…but I’m running low on stuff…
  10. The podcast will be returning soon, by the way. I’ve been posting occasional updates from my phone app while gearing up for the next real episode. You can check that out at emptychecking.podbean.com, I bet… It’s been a difficult journey to get the podcast working again… And it isn’t over yet… But we’re closer than we’ve been since whenever the hell I did my last full episode.

That’s it, I guess.

Get vaccinated. Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. Women should be paid the same as men. And all the other stuff that pisses off people who’re already pissed off by the rest of this paragraph.

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