“A hundred bucks for a comic book? Who drew it, Michaelmelangelo?” – Homer Simpson

I’m in a better mood than I was last time. We’ll start there. You don’t have to worry about this post getting dark. Or at least I don’t think you do. I haven’t actually written it yet. But I have no intention of doing that.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve got a LONG way to go, and things aren’t just magically fine now that Biden is in office. But my spirits were raised a little bit seeing that nobody tried to shoot him or anything like that. I’m glad I was wrong about there being greater unrest leading to inauguration day. And I liked Bernie’s mittens as much as the rest of you, too. So I’m in a better place writing this post.

Unfortunately, it’s also 3 a.m. and I wish I were in an EVEN BETTER place (bed), but unfortunately I’ve been having trouble winding down at night, even when I’m exhausted. Just a bad sleep cycle…so here I am, writing on the thing… And now that I’m three paragraphs deep I’ve decided I’m now going to make this an everything/nothing post and just post the random, numbered thoughts like I often do…so by the time you’re reading this I will have put a Simpson’s quote in the title and so on… Let’s get to it.

  1. My car sucks. It was draining the battery regularly, which I thought meant the alternator was going bad, but fortunately it seems to have been just a bad battery. But I also have to renew the stickers on my plates (I don’t know if every state has that, but every 1-2 years depending on what you pay for, you have to pay to get new stickers to put on your plate that tell the cops that you paid for those stickers and absolutely nothing fucking else). In order to do that, I have to pass an emissions test (which I *KNOW* they don’t do in every state…basically it’s a test to see if your car is polluting the air too much).
    That should be a simple thing to get done, but because my car sat with a dead battery in it, the monitors in the car’s computer went offline and I’m having trouble getting them back online. I’ve been driving around for like a week and a half, and they just won’t wake up…so that’s an issue. I’m supposed to have that done by the end of the month, but I’m having my doubts. And also the car is leaking something in a very slow leak that they can’t find at the shop, but that is staining the shit out of my driveway…
    So basically, I’ve been cooped up in my house for almost a year and in the past week and a half I’ve seen the guy who owns the shop I’m taking it to more than I’ve seen my dad in the last 12 months. If someone stole the damn thing (the car–not my dad) I’d add them to my Christmas card list at this point. (But if that somehow happens, please know that I am not actually asking anybody to do it, dear snooping insurance reps. I promise it’s a coincidence.)
  2. Being stuck at home these past 10 or so months, there are a lot of things I haven’t missed like traffic, getting up to shower and prep for going to the office, dealing with people, being locked in to a schedule, going to places with big crowds and so on… I’m an introvert, and I get frustrated by being around too many people too often. Of course there are the select handful that I’ve missed a lot…but I don’t mind not having to deal with a crowd of people swarming outside a store I’m trying to go inside or stuff like that. But in the last week, I’ve really been missing those stores. I miss book stores and record stores and guitar stores and lots of places like that. Even kinda just going to the grocery store (I’ve been having my groceries delivered). I miss doing stuff like that and taking something I liked and wanted home the same day I decided to buy it instead of having to wait on the mail.
  3. And the mail has been awful lately, hasn’t it? Donald Trump intentionally fucked up the mail and we’re all still suffering for it. It’s been hard to keep reminding myself that my packages stuck in the Northeast aren’t there through any fault of the post office. I’m sure everybody’s experienced that to some extent. I’ve just still got stuff outstanding since before Christmas. It’s insane.
  4. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about working from home in the last year has been that I’ve gotten to cook more. Mostly things with chicken or beef. I haven’t gotten too fancy. Haven’t even made any of the soups that are perfectly designed for this situation in a slow cooked (or Instant Pot, if you will). But I’ve been enjoying putting the oven and frying pans to work.
  5. I’ve written here about my diet in the past couple years. Still doing okay. My food choices aren’t always the healthiest, but I’m making choices that are basically sustaining my weight and I’m not gaining a ton. I’m still completely not snacking. Still no caffeine. Still small portions. I’m keeping it around 150-155 for the most part. That’s still *slightly* above the right weight for my height, but compared to the 100-pounds heavier I was in 2019, it’s great. Just a little bit of a gut. It’s manageable and I’m certain I could drop the remaining weight. It’s just been difficult to eat healthy during the pandemic, when I’m having my groceries delivered. So many of those shoppers are teenagers who have not lived alone long enough to know how to choose a good vegetable from a bad one. So I’ve had to choose stuff that’s foolproof to just keep myself eating. If I were doing my own shopping I’d be a touch lighter. But I don’t feel fat or embarrassed about where I am now. It’s nice to feel that way.
  6. I’ve been watching a lot of 90s comic-book type cartoons like Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond and Justice League. Having a good time with it and it makes me miss reading comics. But I don’t think I’m going to go back to collecting issues…maybe just the odd trade. I like the fulfillment of having the whole story in one book rather than having to try to remember what the hell was happening a month ago every time I pick up my pull and hold list. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed walking around in those shows. I apparently missed a LOT of episodes of everything, even though I’d thought I saw most of it!
  7. Still doing the podcast. Listen to it. That’s where I talk about all the music and stuff I used to write about here.

I took some Benadryl a little bit ago and I think it’s kicking in, so I’m going to try going to sleep again. I’m going to try to write here more often in 2021. But I think I also said that in 2020. So we’ll see.



Current Listening:

  • John Lennon – Gimme Some Truth compilation
  • Sloan – The Double Cross
  • Paul McCartney – McCartney III

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