Life Update, I Guess…

This blog is kind of becoming “Things I Forgot to Blog for a Couple Months.”  Sorry about that.  The podcast eats up a lot of what I might have otherwise posted here. But I feel a little like writing, so we’ll do kind of a life-update.

Not a lot is going on.

Thank God that’s over.

Okay seriously though. I’ve got a handful of things going on. I’m writing some music. That’s happening mostly because I moved all of my favorite guitars upstairs into my office area, where I spend a lot of time. So it’s sparking creativity. If nothing else, I’ve had a few ideas sitting around that I needed to get into demo form, so I’m working on that.

I’m also just kind cleaning up in the house. It’s been a mess for a while. Like almost “he might be a hoarder” levels…but I’m not.  I’m just incredibly lazy and it gets worse when I live alone. So I’m cleaning and just trying to put stuff where it goes. It’d be nice to have someone over now and again and give them a place to sit.

For those wondering, the migraines have continued. I’m kind of used to them, to be honest–which sucks.  They’re about weekly or every other week.  Seems to vary. Usually they follow something stressful. So that also gives you a window into how often I feel stressed. I should still see additional doctors about it…but how do you even do that? Patient rosters exist and I don’t even know who I’d call if I wanted to start calling. It’s dumb. Guys like me just end up in the emergency room some day and follow up with doctors after that. Not that I want that to happen, of course…

The migraines themselves aren’t even that big a deal. Yeah, my head ends up hurting and it’s not PLEASANT, but it’s a headache and I can get through that. It’s the visual part that gets me.  That part’s difficult. Although now that I know how they behave it’s easier to deal with it. I just wish that part would stop. But the brain scan and blood draw I had and the subsequent eye exam revealed nothing serious…so I think it’s just a thing that’s happening. Although I did notice that the timing of it all correlates with the floaters and flashers in my eyes (which are a normal thing that happens to some of us as we age–yaaaaaay).  So maybe that’s all related and when the gel in my eyes finishes separating (yaaaaaaaay) it’ll get better?  But I also thought it was tooth-related last year.  So, who can say?


The only other thing really going on is work.  And I’m getting excited for the Jason Isbell concert next week.  My friend Amanda is coming into town for it and we’ve not seen each other in a while.  Excited about seeing her too and hanging out. Isbell’s music just might be my “happy place” these days, so I’m looking forward to a great show. The sets and reports back thereof lately have been stellar.

And, I don’t know…I guess that’s it.  See why I don’t blog more often these days?


Current Listening:

  • Lori McKenna – The Tree

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