“What good is money if it can’t inspire terror in your fellow man?” – Montgomery Burns

Well I’ve got to get SOMETHING on here in April.  May as well be a random post.

  1. The new album (“It Could Be Worse”) is very near completion.  I’ve just got photos left to do.  The problem is that’s been impossible.  The photographer and I have been having trouble meshing schedules.  Still hoping to get something finalized soon, but if not, I’ve got a “plan b” for cover-art.  So you’ll probably be listening to the thing roundabout my birthday if all goes to plan.
  2. Been going to church a bit lately.  Took a couple-year hiatus, there.  Assuming I make it in tomorrow (or later today, as the clock would have it), it’ll be three weeks in a row.  It’s been nice.  That’s about all I have to say about it for now.
  3. Today was Record Store Day.  I didn’t go to it.  I’m kind of sick of the whole ordeal.  I’m an AVID music collector, but the notion of a day being set aside where the industry purposely creates too small a supply to meet a demand, where you have to fight to find what you want…it’s just ridiculous and it’s part of what’s killing brick and mortar stores.  If people can listen to Tom Waits’ “Orphans” collection on Spotify, why get up early on a Saturday to go throw elbows to get the vinyl repressing?  If you’re going to make it, make it for those of us who are actively Tom Waits fans and aren’t just jackasses looking to flip the “collectors item” on eBay.  Also, none of the record stores in this town have anywhere near enough parking to make it worth the fight.  So, I’ll pick through the scraps tomorrow, while I’m also shopping on the regular shelves that are there EVERY day.
  4. The podcast is going okay. Numbers are better on the theme shows, but I’ve got my regulars who listen to most episodes regardless.  So that’s about all you can ask for if you’re doing it for free.
  5. I’m writing this on the day Verne Troyer died.  He was preceded by Harry Anderson and Barbara Bush.  It’s been kind of a weird week.

Boy, that’s about all that’s going on.  I’ve got some stuff I’d like to write about in long-form, if I ever get motivated to do so.  So maybe that’ll happen soon.  But until then, I guess this was a mercifully short one.

Current Listening: A bunch of Pearl Jam.

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