This is too many albums for Facebook…

There’s a thing going on Facebook where you post a different album cover each day with no explanation of why it means so much to you for either 10, 15, or 30 days depending on which version you were tagged in.  I had at least 50 of them.  So it’s going here, instead.  I pulled all of these images off of Amazon and they in order by their file number/name, I think…I just hit “select all” in a folder and then pressed “upload.”  No thought went into the order.

…and also about a dozen more, but this took me like an hour.

By the way, I don’t care that Facebook shared my info and neither should you.  They’re a company and every company has done it. Just because you get an ad, you’re not obligated to buy or believe what it says.  If you don’t want your personal info out there, don’t share it with anyone.  Facebook didn’t give out your address and phone number…YOU did.


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