“Eventually I stopped caring. But that was the ’80s so nobody noticed.” – Rev. Lovejoy

I was surprised to find that I haven’t blogged in over a month.  It’s been a busy and slightly frustrating (because it’s so busy) period over the past month.  So let’s just hit some highlights in a random post.

  1. On Friday night, my friend Bruce and I went to see Rufus Wainwright with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra at Powell Hall.  As is well documented on the blog over the past decade, I’m a big Rufus Wainwright fan.  However, somehow I’d managed to never see him in concert until this past weekend.  It was worth every bit of the wait.  I’m going to talk about it in full on my podcast this week, but in brief, he played most of my favorites and provided a deeply moving and entertaining experience. He’s just great.
  2. I’ve been hard at work on the new album.  I’ve got a mix I like, but the limiting in the master keeps getting away from me and it gets over-compressed with a muddy bass EQ.  I know that doesn’t mean anything to most people reading this.  But it’s what’s going on.  🙂
  3. I’ve been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch.  I like it as an experience, but I think it fails as an actual GAME.  It seems like the actual critical gameplay is left unexplained with GIGANTIC leaps in difficulty from one mission to the next and a majority of the game’s time is spent just figuring out WHAT to do (and then endlessly walking there) rather than working out how to do it…  It’s a lot of FUN, but it’s not a great GAME.  I find myself constantly needing a walkthrough just to find the next thing I’m supposed to do (looking at YOU, sensors in the “divine beasts”)–then when I’ve found it, the puzzles are too short to really be considered fun gameplay.  The fun of the game is wandering through the massive open world and finding new stuff, and on that level, it succeeds overwhelmingly.  But we have Stardew Valley for that…  Of course, I’ve never been a fan of playing Zelda games anyway.  I’m a Mario man. So I may just be the wrong audience for it.  But hey…ultimately, it is fun.  Even if it’s 90% just walking.
  4. Following the dental extractions I wrote about in the last post, I’ve been slowly moving toward regularly chewing on both sides.  Unfortunately, the migraines don’t seem to have stopped.  I got one just yesterday.  But I’m still hopeful that it’s just a process and my brain has to rewrite how it processes not having the constant tooth pain, so it’s just taking some time.  If nothing else, I made it 2 weeks between occurrences this time.  It had been weekly.  So maybe that’s progress.
  5. I’ve been enjoying the Olympics.  Adam Rippon is exactly as good as he thinks he is and he’s made a fan out of me.  Also Curling.
  6. I’ve had a lot of back pain lately. Mostly first thing in the morning.  I’ve got sciatica, as per an Urgent Care diagnosis in early 2017 (but I could’ve told you as far back as 2003) and sometimes it just hurts first thing in the morning.  I’ve changed a couple of things about my sleep position and the way I get up in the morning and it’s helping a little…but basically I blew something out a few weeks back and it’s taking forever to heal.  And my sleep position and pretty old mattress aren’t helping it.  It typically gets better throughout the day, but early in the morning, it hurts to bend down and pick up my shoes.  So…that sucks.
  7. I’m going to be recording a friend’s demo next weekend.  I really need to clean my house.
  8. Speaking of my house…  I’m working on some stuff around the house.  I’m putting up art and shelves and things.  I most recently constructed a CD tower that holds just about my whole collection (it’s gigantic) and I’m working on getting some stuff into place elsewhere as well.  Which is leading to me identifying stuff that I need to fix.  Particularly in the bathroom, which has been falling apart since it was remodeled years ago.  My towel rack is hanging onto the wall by a thread.  Same for the toilet paper holder.  The sink was leaking so bad I had to turn off the cold water (and I haven’t fixed that yet even though it was around Christmas).  The hot water knob on the shower is loose…  It’s a mess.  Every problem is an easy fix.  It’s just that there are SEVERAL easy fixes.
  9. I got a haircut on Thursday.  No big deal.

And I think that’s it.  It’s getting late and I have work in the morning.  So…  Bye until next time!


Current Listening:

Still Rufus.  Presently his “Live at the Artist’s Den” album that I never really absorbed, but I’m enjoying a lot now that I’ve seen him.  Going to listen to “Rufus Does Judy” (his faithful recreation of Judy Garland’s “Carnegie” concert) next.