“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” – Homer Simpson

Haven’t posted in a bit.  Let’s do the random thing.

  1. Had a tooth pulled. Went pretty good.  It took him all of 15 seconds to pull it–I was stunned at how fast it was once it got going.  Haven’t had a lot of pain.  A little bit now and then, but nothing like the pain I’ve felt in the past.  Mostly just random twinges that are gone as quick as they come.  I’m going to be calling this week to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon to remove FOUR at once on the opposite side from the one that was pulled last week.  They’ll knock me out for that.  A little nervous, but think I’ll get through it okay.  Probably take longer to heal from that round and I’m sure it’ll have pain with it.  They’ve got to dig at least one wisdom tooth out from under the gums this time.  The works so-far hasn’t helped my migraines yet–I got one on Friday night.  Hadn’t had one for two weeks prior to that though, so I think maybe the tooth-pull had something to do with triggering it.  I’m okay with that, as long as they go away eventually.  More on all that as it happens.
  2. Podcast is going pretty good.  Go check it out.  Uploads every Thursday that I’m not in some way sick.
  3. Saw the Descendents and The Get Up Kids a couple weeks ago.  I talked about it in detail on the podcast, so I won’t repeat myself too much…but it was a great show and made me really happy.  If you get the chance to see either band, take it.  I’ve been particularly buzzing on The Get Up Kids ever since the show.
  4. Been watching a lot of Star Trek, particularly working my way through Deep Space 9.  Good show.  Wasn’t that familiar with it–it didn’t get re-run at times that I ever really caught it and I missed it in the first run, save for a handful of episodes.  Knew enough to know I liked it, but hadn’t seen probably 85-90% of the episodes.  It’s been a great journey watching it.  On to Voyager next (which I did see most of in reruns).  Star Trek is the perfect escape from and commentary on the times in which we live, and I’m so glad we have it.
  5. Going to go see Nick Lowe with my favorite luchador surf band (yes there’s more than one, but the others are rip-offs) Los Straightjackets next week.  Should be a fun, surfy good time.
  6. So Harvey Weinstein’s a piece of shit, huh?
  7. I think I also need to see an eye doctor after all the tooth-stuff is done.  I haven’t been to one in several years and with the migraines screwing up my vision, it’s probably a good idea to go in and make sure nothing’s wrong there, either causing it in the first place or residual.  I’m sure I need new glasses regardless.
  8. A friend invited me to a Halloween party I plan to attend.  It’s a couple of weeks away and he asked me, “Are small, plastic spiders a problem?”  (He knows I’m terrified of spiders.)  I said, “It depends on how small and how plastic they look, I guess.”  And he said, “Ehh…I’ll just take the spiders down.”  Folks…THAT is a good friend!  🙂  (He was also kind enough to ask me if I’m okay being around alcohol because he knows I’m sober…but it’s the spider thing that really meant a lot to me.)
  9. For the record, I’m fine being around alcohol.  Invite me to your bullshit you jerks.
  10. I’ve got a whole bunch of other stuff I want to talk about, but most of it will go on the podcast…so I think I’m done for the night.

Current Listening: Godspeed You Black Emperor – “Luciferian Towers”


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