“Please do not offer my god a peanut.” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Alright, here’s what’s been going on lately…

  1. Y’know how I’m basically a big, grumpy, immature child? Well last night my printer broke down, I got pissed off in the way I reserve EXCLUSIVELY for inanimate objects and kicked it…and I’m pretty sure I broke my middle toe.  It’s bruised up and hurts like a bastard.  After talking with several people who I know have had broken toes, I’ve been informed that all they’re going to do if I go to the doctor for it is tape it up and tell me to keep taping it up until it doesn’t need it anymore.  So I’m going to save my fucking $100 Urgent Care copay (SCAM!) and spend it on medical tape and cotton balls instead, and I’ll probably be walking with a cane for a bit.  Y’know…even as I was in mid-kick, I was thinking, “Man…grow the fuck up…” and then bam.  But I still feel like I won the fight.  I might be wounded, but the printer’s in the trash.
  2. A couple of weeks ago, some jerk stole my bank-card number and started buying apps off of Google.  (At least I think it was apps.  Had about a dozen charges for $3 each.  Makes sense.)  I don’t know for sure, but I think somebody hacked a small-business database or something and went from there.  My bank (Regions) was great.  They froze the card before it reached $50, informed me of the problem same day, informed me I’d have ZERO liability for the fraudulent charges, put in a claim, issued me a new card within a week, and the money was back in my account before I’d even used my new card for the first time.  So they did a GREAT job keeping a customer.  (That said, I have been with them for 19 years and this was my first problem…so that probably helps.)  I do find it funny that the first time I’ve ever worried about theft came AFTER they introduced the chip cards that are supposed to be so much safer…but I’m sure that’s a coincidence, huh?
  3. Ray Davies (formerly of the Kinks) released a new record called “Americana” last week.  It’s different from what I expected, but in some ways just unfolds the next layer of what he started with “Working Man’s Café” in 2008.  “Americana” is a great name for it, because that’s absolutely what it is, stylistically and in lyrical theme.  It takes a dedicated listen, though.  The first time I heard it (in my brother’s car) I knew there’d be enough there that I’d like it, but I knew I was missing a lot of it, too.  The second listen, I picked up a little more, found some things clever that I’d overlooked on the first listen…  The third listen, it fully clicked and I knew it’s destined for the Top 10 this year.  Good record.
  4. Writing on the new record is going okay.  I’m taking the rest of this week to organize some of the stuff that I’ve already done.  Getting the lyrics all typed and saved, getting guitar chords actually WRITTEN DOWN rather than just in my head, figuring out how a couple of the looser-structured tracks are actually going to end…  Stuff like that.
  5. Record Store Day took place last Saturday.  I’m a little frustrated by the whole thing these days…my hate of hipsters has finally clashed with my love of art and the hate seems to be winning.  Doesn’t really feel worth the trouble, since the stuff I’ve ended up with is stuff I could’ve bought even this evening just as easily as fighting the schmucks on Saturday.  And a lot of the stuff I REALLY wanted was sold out the second the doors opened and is going to sit unopened on some hipster’s shelf until they throw it away.  But, in all, I’m happy with the purchases I was able to make.  I picked up the Drive-By Truckers “Live in Studio” six-song release.  Picked up the final installment of Big Star’s “Complete Third” on vinyl.  And then on Monday, I went to a Slackers (think about how stupid that is) and picked up the RAMONES limited edition set of their first 10 singles.  Spent a little too much, all told, but it was stuff I wanted and especially that RAMONES set is pretty limited (only 6500 copies made).  So it feels worth it.  Plus, hearing “Blitzkrieg Bop” on 45 is something everybody should do at least once.
  6. I have Netflix!  I’ve never had it before!  (My former roommate did, but I rarely used it if he wasn’t already logged in.)  I signed up because of the relaunch of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  I’ve always loved that show and it’s good to have it back.  Lots of fun and laughs.  Plus, there are a bunch of documentaries I want to see, but not enough to buy them, and of course the handful of original-content series that are worth it (looking at you, Kimmy Schmidt).  So…I’ve become one of you, basically.
  7. I need to get a new briefcase.  It’s got to wait until next month, since I spent more than I should on Record Store Day (and the week preceding)…but the bag I’ve been using to take my laptop to and from work is falling apart already (I’ve had it less than a year, I think).  I miss carrying a briefcase, and this seems like a good opportunity to buy one.  They even make them with padded laptop bags included now, so that works.  Thinking I’m going to go to a Wilsons outlet to buy it–wanna get something nice.
  8. I’m also looking into paying way too much for CD storage.  I’ve run out of space in the stuff I’ve already got.  I’ve found a huge shelving system that’s supposed to hold about 1600 CDs…which actually might not be quite enough (which is why I won’t be throwing out the old stuff), but it’ll look cool and organized.  So I’ll probably be ordering that soon.
  9. My birthday’s coming up.  May 29.  I’ll be 37.  I should make a list…
  10. Had a good rainy day in St. Louis today.  Wish I’d have opened up the windows and listened to it a little.  Maybe put on the Big Star record in the background…supposed to rain again Friday.  Maybe then.

Well that’s it.  I’m going to bed now!