“Worse” News

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post or probably more (it’s hard to be sure; I don’t read my own blog), I’m working on a new record for release in early 2018.  It’s called “It Could Be Worse.”  And this is an update on how it’s going…

It’s going faster than I thought.  I’ve got an album’s worth of stuff written and I’m still writing.  Some of it is crap.  That’s why I’m allowing myself time to filter it out.  At the same time though, it’s going smoothly enough that I downloaded the full version of the “EZDrummer” software that makes programming and building drum tracks super easy.  It’s a fun and versatile recording/writing tool that I can’t recommend enough to any friend who’s looking for good music software.  (They apparently have stuff for other instruments too, but I only needed the drum stuff, personally.)

The songs I’ve got for it are a weird mix.  Some of them are fun and goofy.  Some are downright sad.  Should be a pretty bipolar listen, but that’ll hopefully keep it interesting to listen to, as well.  A few of the ones I’m SURE I’m going to want to use are semi-unfinished lyrically.  My process is sometimes lengthy.  I might tick on a single phrase or even WORD for weeks, months, or even years.  Sometimes that leads to a lot of half-written verses that are waiting for as good of lines as the ones already on paper.  And sometimes that gets compromised…and sometimes it doesn’t.  Then there are the songs where I’ve got them completely done in an afternoon.  All of that’s been going on so far.

I like how it’s working out up to this point.  Haven’t hit a slump or wall with it yet.  One’s coming. They always do.  But that’s another part of why I’m scheduling to take the time to work on it and take it slow.  The upside to getting so much done on the front-end of it is that I’ll have plenty of that time left later.  The mix-down stage is really what I’m concerned with, and I’m giving myself plenty of space for that.

The one thing I should probably schedule during Summer is a photoshoot.  My friend Tara did the photos for the “Ink-Stained Fingers” album in 2014, and I was able to keep using stuff up through the front cover of the “Trigger Warnings & Sunshine” record.  One photoshoot can get you a LONG way.  And I need to do a new one.  This record’s not the same tone as the previous ones…and I don’t look the same as I did in 2014, either…so new pictures are in order.  Although, I think I’d like the cover to be something still-life…I don’t know.  We’ll see what happens…  The point is, I should schedule that for a time where outdoor shots are doable without the photographer freezing…  I wonder if Tara would be interested in working together again…

Anyway…that’s where we are.  I don’t know if this post was interesting for anyone but me.  If not, I’m sure I’ll write something else soon.  Until then…sorry.


Current Listening:

  • Guided By Voices – Do the Collapse
  • Craig Finn – We All Want the Same Things

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