“Are you there God? It’s me… Duffman!” – Duffman

Felt like doing a random post, but don’t have a lot to talk about.  So here’s a concise one, with a concise Simpsons quote in the title.

  1. My brother and I went to see (comedian) Dana Gould the other week.  I’ve been a fan of Dana’s since the 90s, but haven’t ever seen him live.  It was a fun night and worth the 20 year wait!  Haven’t laughed that long or hard in a VERY long time–he’s got some really killer, next-level material.  After the show, we got to meet him (Dave had met him previously in the 90s back when Dave was also doing comedy).  He’s a nice, friendly guy and doesn’t charge for his autograph, so I’ve got a poster that will be going up on the wall soon.  He spelled my name “Derick” for some reason…but it’s still cool!
  2. I’ve made some upgrades to my guitar effects board, going into working on the new album.  Putting something new on the floor is a good way to generate inspiration.  Sometimes even just swapping out something for something else you’ve not used in a while works out pretty well.  And this time, I did both.  🙂  I basically went from this…
    13561805_627705870720140_484273615_n…to this…
    board.pngIn order of the chain, I’m running the following: TC Electronics PolyTune (just a tuner/kill-switch that silences the whole thing), MXR DynaComp compressor (evens out the quiet sounds), ElectroHarmonix NanoPOG (new addition, generates an octave above and/or below the note you’re playing to make a big-ass, weird noise), Line 6 MM4 Modulation unit (chorus, flanger, phaser, and vibrato are the settings I have dialed in), Boss Blues Driver (used as a mild-distortion), MXR 78 Distortion (a slightly more aggressive distortion–I think of this as a “Hot Rod” sound in my head–plenty of “crunch” to it), TC Electronics Dark Matter (a big, rich, deep, gritty distortion I mostly use for leads), ElectroHarmonix Freeze pedal (holds individual tones/chords indefinitely and is a weird, cool effect), MXR Carbon Copy analog delay, Boss Digital Delay (I have two delays because they each have a different tone and different settings), Boss Fender Bassman (used mostly as a preamp for when I plug direct into a board rather than micing an amp), and finally a Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ, which I basically use just to add a little treble sparkle on top of my sound because the pedal chain is so long!
    So…yeah…plenty to play with.  Should be an interesting album!
  3. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m a big pro-wrestling fan.  WrestleMania was this weekend and the Raw and SmackDown shows that followed on Monday and Tuesday were both great shows.  We saw the potential retirement of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Then at Raw, we saw the return of Finn Balor (a personal favorite), the return of Kurt Angle (with whom I have no quarrel), and the debut of a tag team called The Revival (who I REALLY like–they remind me of the Brain Busters/Horsemen or the Minnesota Wrecking Crew–good old-school brawlers).  Then on SmackDown, we saw the call-up of Japanese sensation Shinsuke (pronounced “shin-skay”) Nakamura, who is known as the “king of Strong-Style.”  Basically…when he kicks you, you stay kicked.  It’s kind of an exciting time to be a fan, assuming they book it well!  🙂
  4. Pouring rain and tons of thunder outside right now.  Gonna be a rough night’s sleep.
  5. My niece Tessa got baptized on Sunday.  She was immersed (although Methodists will also sprinkle a baby if the parents ask for it, but I think they strictly do immersion for anyone who walks/talks for themselves).  I’ve got some serious issues with the Methodist views on baptism–it’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me from being one of them–particularly as it applies to the baptism of children.  However, in Tessa’s case, it’s a semantic difference for me, since she’s of an age to make the decision for herself, so who cares if it’s an inward sign of an outward condition or if it’s the moment of salvation or what, since the mode’s the same regardless?  All that aside, her heart’s in the right place and that’s what counts.  When she got dunked under, she splashed up a bunch of water and soaked the pastor and a lot of the front row, too which was fun and funny (and covertly made my point for me about how being sprinkled when you didn’t ask for it just doesn’t feel great now, does it?).  Proud of the kid for a lot of reason, but the fact that she sorta Brinked up the occasion is definitely on the list!
  6. I was a bit sick last week.  Feeling better this week.  I think the whole thing was at least partially related to some tooth-problems I’ve been having.  In fact, I have a feeling a LOT of my medical problems have been related to my teeth.  Need to just go in and get it all taken care of.  I’m not sure why I haven’t.  I guess it’s just that it’s so time consuming.  I’m not afraid of the dentist or of the pain or whatever…I had four wisdom teeth come in with three of them coming in WRONG (sideways and half covered in gums, etc)…pain isn’t something I fear anymore.  I just don’t want to take more time off work if I don’t need to…but then again, if they’re fucking me up, I probably need to, huh?  I just wish it could all be done in a sitting, is all…

And that’s it.  I’m going to try to go to bed before the thunder inevitably shakes me out of it…or before tornado sirens go off, should that happen.  (I’ve got a tornado siren right outside my window…louder than shit, those things.)


Current Listening:

  • Still Aimee Mann’s “Mental Illness” because it’s a really great record.
  • Also started listening to the Old 97s release again today.  I bought it a couple weeks back, but only listened to it about a time and a half.  (It’s good–just got distracted by Big Star, mostly.)  Really solid record and a lot of fun.  Need to listen to it more.