“Just like my dad used to say, ‘Sooner or later, everybody gets shot.'” – Moe Sizlak

Haven’t written anything in a couple weeks, so thought I should.  Random post…Simpsons quote in the title…you know the drill…

  1. Medically, I’m feeling a lot better physically.  I need to make an appointment with an actual primary care person.  I wanted to wait until the new pay-period at work, and we’re in it now.  So I should schedule something soon.  Although, I do still have some pills I’m taking from the Urgent Care and I think they’re helping, so maybe I’ll wait those out.  I dunno…I’m sure whatever I do, I’ll write about it.
  2. So the SuperbOwl happened.  When it became obvious that the Patriots were scripted to win it (I’m convinced it’s scripted every time they prosper) people at our particular party started looking pretty pissed off and bummed out.  To which I pointed out, “Whatever, I watched Florida turn red–this is nothing!”  Either way…  All told, I believe it was six plates of shrimp and like 8 brownies.  So I won.
  3. Since we last talked, I saw the Drive-By Truckers play in St. Louis.  It was a good show.  It was rewarding to be (more or less) in the city where Michael Brown got shot and where Black Lives Matter took off and hear them play “What it Means” which is all about those events.  Plus…y’know…big dumb rock show.  Always a good time. They played really well and put on a great show.  Might be the best I’ve seen them as a group since Jason Isbell was in the band.
  4. Looking for a church to play guitar at on Sunday mornings.  As I’ve noted, my church moved to Sunday night services and I can’t do that…so I’m looking to play where I can.  Posted about it on Facebook and I’m chatting with an old friend about it.  We’ll see what happens…  Loyalty is important to me, so if Pursuit ever went back to a morning service, I’d probably go back to that…but they took a road I couldn’t follow on Sundays, so we are where we are.  (And most of the time, I can’t make Wednesday nights either. 6:00 and “bring something to contribute to dinner!” don’t really go with having a 9:30 to 6:00 shift and eating for one 99% of your week.)  Anyhoo…I’m sure I’ll say more about that at some point too.  I just realized I’ve got a couple dozen guitars I’m not really playing in a band, I’m getting older, and it’d be nice to have somewhere to play as I get less marketable.  May as well be in a place that’s doing something I believe in, y’know?
  5. Went to Vintage Vinyl while on my lunch break and picked up a FIRST RELEASE copy of Lou Reed’s “Berlin.”  Very happy with that.  They also had a first-release of his first solo album, which is a great record, but today it was “Berlin” for me.  It felt weird not having it on vinyl to begin with, and when I found out it was an original, that sold me.  Very lucky to live in a city with so many cool record stores…  Only question is, does it go on my shelf, or in a frame on my wall?
  6. I have a gig with the Michael Feldman Group on Saturday.  Playing at a place called the Boschertown Bar & Grill.  I’ve played there before.  It’s about the size of my living-room, I think…but if memory serves, it draws a pretty good crowd.
  7. We’re experiencing something of a heat wave in St. Louis.  Been in the 60s today and should be tomorrow as well.  Climate change is very real and we’re definitely experiencing it.  I’ve worn a light jacket more times since Thanksgiving than I have in the previous three years combined.  This is ridiculous–and not just because I like Winter…it’s a serious, scary concern that we don’t get a real Winter in FEBRUARY IN THE FUCKING MIDWEST anymore.
  8. I’ve stayed up too late doing things at the last minute.  I’ve been making an effort to be in bed by midnight at the latest recently.  I’m not sure why…it started as a reaction to my health issues, but they’ve continued, so what’s the difference?  But tonight, I got motivated to fix a loose shower-knob, work a couple bugs out of an old amp I recently bought, and arrange some of my music downloads into proper folders.  (And then, of course, I wrote this…)  I get weird bursts of momentum like that and then suddenly it’s 1 or 2 and I’ve got work in the morning.
  9. Work’s been heavy lately.  I’ve got a good team working with me, which allows me to handle some of the more problematic stuff with more attention…but that means that the vast MAJORITY of what I do is the problematic stuff now.  It’s my own doing–I kind of set it up that way…but sometimes I wonder if I need to rethink it when I find myself getting tired and making mistakes.  Or walking face-first right into the door like I did on my way out on Friday!  (Someone had opened it behind me and I didn’t know. I’m not a complete idiot. Just like 85%.)  One of my team-members will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday, too…so I’m thinking it’s going to be a particularly long week this week!  Fortunately, it’s a supportive environment.  It’s just also a busy one at times.  (This might be the most I’ve written in one stretch about my job in the almost 8 years I’ve been there!)
  10. I made a playlist on my phone of “That Song Songs.”  A list of just the songs that stir something up in me–a specific memory or a deep emotion, etc…  There are 325 songs on the list.  I put it on shuffle earlier and it went from a Stone Sour song (the lead singer from Slipknot’s other band) directly to a Rich Mullins song.  It’s complicated living in my head.  Or MP3 player, I guess…

It feels like I’m missing something important that I meant to write about…but I think I’m too tired to remember it.  Well, maybe it’ll be a different post, later.  Until then!


Current Listening:

The last five songs on my “That Song Songs” list were (in this order) – “Skin Deep” by ALL, “Lazarus” by David Bowie, “Skyway” by the Replacements, “Love Boat Captain” by Pearl Jam, and “God Give Me Strength” by Elvis Costello.

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