Another Health Update

For those hanging on, I thought I’d provide a second medical update now that test results are in.  The CT scan they did of my head came back NORMAL.  Nothing weird in my brain.  So that’s good news.  The bloodwork showed that I have one liver enzyme a little high, and they think it’s weird that it’s only one, so they think even that could be a misread.  They advised that I follow up with my primary care physician…

…I don’t have a primary care physician, which is why I went to Urgent Care.  So that’s a problem.  However, the president of my company sent me the info for the guy he uses.  He’s near our office and obviously within network for our insurance, so I plan to call him tomorrow.  Here’s hoping he’s not one of those guys who insists I be on his patient roster for like two months before he’ll see me.

Physically, I feel mostly okay.  I’m self-conscious about the rash on my face/neck/shoulders, although that seems to be fading a little.  I’m nervous about what might be happening.  With all the reading I’ve done, nocturnal seizures keep popping up, so that’s kind of what I suspect–although I know I shouldn’t diagnose myself.  (I really only started Googling it to see if it was something as simple as “you’re getting too much Vitamin D, so dial that back…”)  But I don’t feel physically much different from normal, except for the fact that three of the four pills the Urgent Care gave me come with “may cause drowsiness” warnings.  And those warnings are telling the God’s-truth from what I can tell.

To be honest, I was kind of hoping the Urgent Care would come back with, “You’ve obviously got [***SPECIFIC DISEASE***] and we’ll give you some meds to start with, but you’re going to need to see a primary care doctor to get on a lasting routine.  But unfortunately, the Urgent Care said I basically look okay, except for one liver enzyme that may be a false positive.  I just want to know what it is, y’know?  If it had a NAME, I’d be more comfortable with having it.  If you can name it, the odds of being able to TREAT it go WAY up…

Sorry if I end up harping on this from time to time.  I’ve gone decades without seeing a doctor, and seeing them now kind of freaks me out.  It’s scary not knowing what’s going on with my own body.  This is helping.

Here’s hoping the next time I write about it, it’ll have a name.

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