Medical Update

Remember when I wrote about having a rough night’s sleep back in April of 2016Or again in October?  Well it happened again on Thursday/Friday.

I was sleeping like normal on Thursday night, heading into Friday morning.  In fact I even remember waking up, looking at the clock, and thinking, “Oh good! I’ve got one more hour to sleep!” and rolling over.  Then I woke up an hour LATE (so I’d slept two hours, apparently either turning off or disregarding my alarm).  My back hurt and I had a sense of, “What day is this? Should I be going to work or is this the weekend?”  I was disoriented.  I got out of bed, looked in the mirror, and found the same rash around my face and shoulders as before.  And I’d also bitten my tongue again, although not near as badly–I keep forgetting about it, in fact.

I called in to work and essentially said, “I think I’m having seizures in my sleep.”  I stayed home and talked through it with my dad a while, eventually deciding that I was going to take a nap (I was exhausted) then go to Urgent Care–but a different Urgent Care from the last time where the doctor just wanted me out of the room.

This is all preceded, by the way, by something weird that happened at work on Wednesday. It was late in the day and I’d been working like normal.  Around 5:30 at night, I felt my vision going blurry (like I was squinting).  It was distracting and felt weird.  I realized I’d not eaten all day (although that’s not unusual for me) and thought maybe my blood sugar was crashing.  So I went into the kitchen and ate some corn chips and drank a Dr. Pepper.  My vision cleared up almost immediately at that point, although I did have a headache.  Vision problems go hand-in-hand with migraines, so I still didn’t think much of it. Figured it was just a thing that happened.  But now I’m wondering if it was a precursor to what happened overnight on Thursday/Friday.

Anyway…  I went to the Urgent Care and disclosed all of that.  The doctor seeing me this time was pleasant, kind, listened to everything I said, and made me feel welcome.  She thinks I definitely have sciatica, based on the back pain I described, but we both knew that wasn’t the main concern I had.  (Nor would it be a surprise–I’ve had back pain for years.)  She agreed that I was possibly describing some seizure symptoms, particularly when I told her that over the past couple of years I’ll have brief moments where I feel like I’m trying to remember something, but I’m not–I believe in the seizure world they call that an “aura.”  That feeling is infrequent and when it comes along only lasts about 15 seconds from what I can tell, but it’s not a good feeling.

The doctor had my blood drawn and I’ll know more about that in about 48 hours from when it was taken (so Sunday or Monday, I think).  And she gave me an order to go to a different facility and have a CT scan done, which I haven’t done yet but will today or tomorrow.  (I only got up around noon and it’s just now 1:00 as I’m writing this.  I believe I need to call the place to let them know I’m coming.)

For now, I’d appreciate being in everybody’s thoughts and prayers.  If I’m having seizures, they’re only while I’m sleeping, and I have no idea when the onset of that would be.  I’ve never really cohabitated with anyone, so it could’ve been happening for decades…but even if that’s the case, I’m noticing it now.  On top of that though…even if it gets confirmed that I’m having seizures…why now?  What’s changed?  From what I understand, seizures are the result of unusual electrical activity in the brain…what could cause that.  Can stress cause that?  Can having more back pain than normal cause it? Is it just a thing that happens to some people?  Having a diagnosis of “this is what’s happening” would be great, but it’d be way better to know WHY, so I can treat it.

I don’t know…I’m just writing my way through it.  Once I have the CT scan done, maybe I’ll know more.  Or maybe the bloodwork will accomplish something.  Mostly I just want it to stop.  It’s scary not being able to trust your own body when you’re sleeping.

I’ll keep everybody posted, I’m sure.

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