“Sorry, I Didn’t Mean to Shout” is now available!

You might think I know better than to release a new record on the Christmas Day when George Michael dies…but you’d be wrong!

Please go to THIS LINK and download my new, career-spanning, all acoustic release.  New recordings of old songs, plus four completely new tracks.  21 tracks, in all!  I’m not doing a full-on physical release, but if you’re interested in getting a CD copy, I’ll gladly burn you one and give it to you with a hand-printed, hand-written, completely unique cover.

I hope you like the new songs.  I’ve written about all of them on the Bandcamp site, so please enjoy reading about them there–I won’t bore you with it here!

Thanks for your interest.  And here’s the big version of the cover that I promised in my last post!  🙂


Neat, huh?

Complete song list:

  1. Outdoor Summer Concerts
  2. Slip Away
  3. The Last Folk Singers (*NEW*)
  5. Fall Apart
  6. Remember Me
  7. Not Okay
  8. Being There
  9. Transience
  10. Holding On
  11. Hands
  12. Live Your Life (*PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED* – Although I did do a YouTube video of it once.)
  13. Stranger
  14. The Ring I Almost Gave Her
  15. The Girl
  16. In My Heart
  17. Sometimes You Say Goodbye
  18. New Year’s Eve
  19. Born in This Town
  20. El Santo Frente a la Muerte! (*NEW* – Title roughly translates to “El Santo Faces Death!”)
  21. Just Another Day

Thanks!  Let me know what you think!


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