“The Pledge of Allegiance does not end with ‘hail Satan.'” – Bart Simpson (via chalkboard gag)

I’m going to try to write a random post.  There are probably going to be a couple of political points therein.

  1. I saw Sloan last night.  They’re a rock band out of Canada that my brother likes and has seen before.  Went with him this time, and it was a good show.  They played all of the “One Chord to Another” record, which turned 20 years old this year.  Fun set.  All ages crowd.  There were a couple of kids (under the age of 10–like 6 or 8?) right down front over to our right, and Chris (the more or less frontman and bass player) seemed to have a lot of fun playing to them.  He kept throwing them looks and playing little stage-games with them.  Between sets he gave the kids his water bottles and at the end of the set where he was prompting the audience to say “Sloan” back to him in a sing-songy way, he stuck the microphone in the kids’ faces so they could yell right into it.  Good band, good set…sure…  But what impressed me most is that Chris Murphy is a real class-act and supremely entertaining to watch.
  2. I’ve been watching my way through the original Star Trek series. Been a fan forever and for the 50th anniversary this year they put out a (remastered) box set containing all of the original series, the animated series (for some reason) and all 6 of the original cast movies.  Picked that up and have been enjoying it.  Then I found out there’s a box of the complete Next Generation too, and I bumped into it on sale…so that’s in line for viewing next.  Midway through Season 2 of the first series, so it’s going to be a while…
  3. Those who know me well know how much I love Thanksgiving and going down to Cape Girardeau to see mom’s side of the family, etc. Well…we’re not doing that this year.  And with less than 2 weeks remaining, I still have no idea what the backup plan is actually going to be.  I won’t go into to all of the things I’ve been feeling about that in the past couple weeks.  I’ll just leave it as “disappointed” and move on to the next thing…
  4. In the past not-quite-week, I’ve been very angry and sad about the election.  I stand by what I’ve said about Citizen Trump (which is what I will be calling him for the duration of his term, instead of “President”).  And I’ve been told to shut up a lot by people who would very much prefer to gloat about it as though it were just another election.  But this isn’t just another election, and I am sad to see the naivety and/or outright lack of concern of those who believe otherwise.  I can’t see it that way.  Not after the stories I’ve both read and been personally told this week.  I apologize for writing these words…but in the past five days, I’ve had friends report that for the first time in their lives they’ve been openly called niggers, hadjis, and in one case a “liberal cunt.”  And in all of these cases, the Facebook posts and tweets that have followed have called them liars–and people wonder why victims often don’t bother reporting?
    We’re living in a society where a man who is not a politician made promises he may intend on keeping, and his base is violently emboldened in the wake of his win.  So…  The above sadly represents the kind of language we’re going to have to get used to hearing for a while.  And you’re damn right I’m angry, and I think it’s my business to speak up about that.  I’m a white male, I’m going to be fine…  And since that’s the case, it’s my job to help speak for the people who AREN’T or otherwise I may as well join in the name calling.
    Plus…you know…telling someone who’s mad that they should stop being mad is just going to make them mad…
  5. Heavy point followed by softer point…  I’d like to learn how to make Brazilian Lemonade like they serve at Tucanos.  I’d like to have some, but I don’t want to spend $30 on a meal to get it (even though it’s worth every penny).
  6. Sad to hear Leon Russell died.  (Rough week for musicians whose names start with L-E-O-N…)  I’m not the most avid fan of his work, but I know enough to know that he’s played a bunch of parts I loved on stuff I don’t even know he played on.  May he rest in peace.

I’m going to stop there.  I keep writing things that are back to the political stuff and they’re getting long enough to be their own posts (see point 4–that was initially three different points but I consolidated), so I’m just going to stop here since I want to keep the format.  Said most of the stuff I was interested in saying.


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