I’m not likely to change your mind at this point, but I feel like I need to say it…

Like many of you, in less than 12 hours from when I’m writing this post, I’ll be voting.  Like many of you, and unlike many others, I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.  I’m happy with that.

Like many of you, I’m scared that Donald Trump is going to win, even despite the best efforts of the Democrats and many of the Republicans, too.  Friends of the blog will remember how adamant I was that George W. Bush was the worst presidential candidate I’d ever seen in my lifetime.  Mea culpa, mea culpa. I have sinned before God and man.  Donald Trump might not just be the worst presidential candidate I’ve ever seen in my lifetime; he might be the worst person.  Full stop.  And I’ve done mission work in prisons among rapists and murderers.  At least most of them weren’t also cowards.

I don’t know that I intended to write that when I started this post…

When Bush ran the first time, I voted for Ralph Nader.  I thought I was voting for my principles and shaking up the system.  I also thought at worst, we’d be stuck with Gore and how bad could it get?  Well…  Bush.  That’s how bad it got…  Then eight years later, we were blessed with Obama.  A man who even my most conservative friends at least admit is eloquent and dignified.  A man who a very conservative preacher told me, “I’m not glad he won…but I’m glad he won.”  And these 8 years have been good for the country.  Bridges have been built.  Laws have been passed.  We’re talking about race and gender in ways we never have before…and that’s bringing some ugly things to light and people are getting hurt…  But God damn it, it’s about time there was light cast on that, and I don’t think you’d have gotten that with McCain and I don’t think you’d have gotten that with Romney.

And now we’ve got a chance to elect the first female president in our history–and maybe that can shed some light where it needs to go, too…  Or…we elect Donald Trump.  And don’t fool yourself…we don’t elect Johnson and we don’t elect Stein, and in 4 or 8 years, your protest vote didn’t change anything, just like mine didn’t 16 years ago.  We’ve got Clinton or Trump.  When Bush got in the first time, I was angry.  When he got in the second time, I was defeated at least up until John Edwards showed his true colors…  But with the potential of Trump…of “grab them by the pussy,” “check out sex tape,” “I’m gonna build a wall,” TRUMP in all of his moral and literal bankrupt glory…

I’m actually a little scared.  I’m scared of how far back we could set this country tomorrow.  Of how many people go back to being uninsured…and I’ve got friends who wouldn’t be ALIVE if not for Obamacare, by the way.  I’m afraid of how easy it will be to get guns.  It’s too easy NOW.  And we aren’t content with the murder-toys we have–we want bigger, faster, badder guns that can kill someone even worse, if we think they’re too Muslim.  We’re not content with rifles and a 22.  (Neither of which the Democrats are trying to take away from you, by the way.)  We’re not content with WAITING a couple days to get our hands on guns we pretend aren’t sitting there with the intent of pointing them at someone or something we intend to KILL–because that is the only use for a gun.  When you say “protect” you mean “kill.”  And I’m scared of what’s going to happen to my friends who are Muslims.  Or Mexican.  Or Arab.  Or black.  Or gay.  Or women.  Or children–lest we forget Sandy Hook…which…we have forgotten, haven’t we?

I’m afraid of what America turns into under Trump.  And I’m terrified that it could actually HAPPEN.  And I’m scared that if it does, this post is dangerous to write…because all a candidate would have to do is  search his name and “wigged, orange, asshole” and he’d find those who speak against him.  And this is a dangerous lunatic who has vocally stated that he WILL go after his enemies after he’s elected.  And that he WILL round up anybody that doesn’t look right to him and force them out of the country.  And it goes even deeper…

Let’s not forget that the Jews were almost wiped out in Europe, even if they didn’t speak their minds in the 30s… And all Trump would have to do is Google “mosques” and he could start rounding up Muslims and detaining them for being too brown.  Or Google “Bosnians” and call the National Guard into South St. Louis to start checking immigration statuses–I’m sure it won’t take TOO long to clear up who was legal and who wasn’t…  And yeah, maybe I’m over-dramatizing it… But if you think that kind of thing can’t happen…  If you think that kind of hate is only for movies…  Just remember it has been less time since the near total obliteration of the Jews by a political extremist than it’s been between Cubs World Series wins.  Don’t kid yourself.  History gets made sometimes.  And now we’ve got the Internet to help us make it faster.

In short…  I’m scared of what happens if we DON’T elect Hillary Clinton.


I’m hopeful of the future we could have if Hillary Clinton gets elected.  Of ongoing socialized healthcare.  Of Bernie Sanders perhaps having his hands on the purse-strings depending on what happens in Congress.  Of women being allowed the right to choose what happens to their bodies.  Of gays continuing to be allowed to marry.  Of racism still being confronted and discussed rather than condoned and dismissed.  Of maybe just a handful of automatic weapons not being in the hands of a guy who can walk into an elementary school…or college…or nightclub…or…or…or…  I’m hopeful that America will use some common sense.  Even if there’s stuff on that list upon which we disagree…the other choice is Donald Fucking Trump.  That’s not a choice.  I don’t know how it ever could be…  I don’t understand how a man with a hilarious last name (Ken Bone) can live in MY city, see the Bosnians marginalized on MY street, and not know who he’s going to vote for when these two candidates stand in front of him.  I don’t see how it’s hard to think through this one.

So what I’m saying is…come on America.  Please make some sense tomorrow.  Or else–and I mean this–God help us all.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  If H-Rod wins, I’ll post something fun after the election.  If not…we’ll see what I write.  I don’t know yet.  For now, I’m hoping for hope.


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