Pardon me while I think too much…

I’m a little worried about my health.  I wrote back in April about a rough night I had that I blamed on bad sushi.  Well…it kinda happened again…but I’m not sure how seriously to take it.

On Saturday, I enlisted my friend Bruce to help me move a desk into my house.  Then after that, I spent some time on my own moving two small bookcases (which I slid–they weren’t very heavy) and some books to go into them.  Lots more activity and dust than I normally keep to…  I went to bed stiff and sore, as expected after that kind of activity.  Then sometime in the overnight/wee hours of Sunday, I woke up on the floor of my bedroom.  I’d fallen out of the bed.  My back hurt immensely, as did my legs, and I struggled to get back onto the mattress, but then went right back to sleep.  Woke up again in the late-morning (as I’d planned) and was stiff in my back and legs just like back in April…and I’d bitten my tongue just like back in April…and I’ve got a mild rash that’s actually a little milder than in April (didn’t notice it right away).

I attributed most of the physical stuff to moving the desk and bookcases.  Of COURSE I’d be sore after that.  I’m 36 and don’t work out like at ALL.  I even figured the rash might’ve been dust related–I’d forgotten that back in April I’d similarly moved my card catalogue into the house for the very first time, which had previously been collecting dust in a garage.  I’ve been thinking that maybe heavy, dusty stuff and I just don’t get along very well anymore…

But…  Back in April, a friend asked me, “do you think you had some kind of seizure?”  And I’ve been thinking about that, probably a little too much…  But I read up on nocturnal seizures and a lot of things fit.  So I’m wondering if that’s a possibility.  But then, back pains from moving things and biting my tongue with my terrible, cracked and broken teeth when I fall out of bed, and having a rash either from an allergen or as a result of muscle strain are also possibilities.  It does seem a serious coincidence that both events would happen after moving old, dusty furniture…

Plus, there’s the fact that after the April event I went to a doctor and he didn’t say anything about seizures.  (By the way, I’ve learned that the actual event itself in this case would be called a “convulsion” rather than a “seizure” if that’s what it was…it’s just as possible I had back pain, rolled over with extra “umph” to get through it, and slid off the bed.)  Then again, that doctor mostly just seemed to want to get out of the room.  I don’t know…there’s as much pointing to me being an idiot for thinking about it as there is pointing toward me being diligently, cautiously concerned.  I don’t have a prior history of seizures or whatever to my knowledge…so this would be very out of nowhere…  I’m just being paranoid, right?

If anybody has any thoughts, I’d appreciate hearing them.  Going to a doctor seems like a waste of time after the last one didn’t seem concerned.  And at this point my back and legs and stuff all feels a lot better…so I don’t need any cool pain killers.  Rash is clearing up with aloe–although it did seem to clear more quickly in April with the antihistamine the doctor gave me (which even further supports it being an allergy not a convulsion).  I’m not sure going to a doctor and saying, “I think I might’ve had a seizure maybe?” will really get me anywhere, anyway.  Seems like it’s an expensive battery of tests for that, right?

I don’t know.  I’m just tired and freaked out.  Please feel free to either justify me or tell me I’m nuts.  If it happens again, I probably need to see somebody who’ll spend some real time with me, huh?


In happier news, I saw Nick Lowe with my brother last night.  Lowe is the guy who wrote some of Elvis Costello’s early hits (“What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding” being chief among them) and he also had a number of successful songs of his own.  It was a solo set–just him and his guitar–and it was wonderful.  So that was fun, seizure or no seizure!

Otherwise, things are fine, I guess.


Current Listening:

  • A bunch of Nick Lowe on Shuffle and I’ve also listened to some Elvis Costello because it made sense.

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