“Go out on a Tuesday? Who am I, Charlie Sheen?” – Marge Simpson

It’s 11:00 at night, and I’ve just realized that the reason I couldn’t get my work laptop to work from home is that I’m an idiot and I wasn’t logging on to my own wireless Internet.  So I’m blogging.  Let’s put a Simpsons quote up there and do a random post of stuff I’ve been meaning to write about for a while.

  1. I went to a wake for an old friend a couple weeks ago.  Mike Anderson was a good guy.  As I said to his family, “we didn’t talk a lot, but every time we did, I walked away smiling.”  He’s another one who went out too young.  Everybody stop doing that.
  2. Donald Trump still scares the shit out of me.
  3. A couple weeks back, I woke up with the Yes song “I’ve Seen All Good People” randomly stuck in my head. As a result, I’ve fallen down a deep Prog hole.  As a birthday present to myself (and using an Amazon gift card) I picked up a boxed set of Yes’ first 12 studio albums and have been slowly working my way through that.  I also re-discovered an album from 2013 that I somewhat overlooked at the time.  I dug up Steven Wilson’s “The Raven That Refused to Sing.”  I liked it at the time…but my album of the year was Jason Isbell’s “Southeastern” so I wasn’t really in a Prog place at the time and didn’t fully absorb it.  I’m now deeply immersed and loving it.  The title track is beautiful.  And I’m going to HAVE to track down 2015’s “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” before too long.  Wilson is great–as I should’ve known since I already liked his band Porcupine Tree before his solo career.  Anyway… Progressive rock is awesome and you should all go to the nearest record store and buy some of it.
  4. Just celebrated 7 Years at my job on May 18.  That’s like one dog year!  Or something…  Anyway, glad they’ve kept me around and been good to me.
  5. I’ve been actively reading Dennis Lehane books.  I’m about to start “Gone Baby Gone,” which I got for my birthday.  (Probably going to read it over the upcoming weekend so I can just marathon it.)  Read “A Drink Before the War,” “Darkness, Take My Hand,” and “Sacred.”  First one was my favorite so far.  The second one stuck with me the hardest and left some unshakable images in my head, and the third was okay, not great–but I’m still glad I read it.  “Gone Baby Gone” was made into a movie, so I’ll probably be okay with it.  It had Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman in it.
  6. Speaking of movies, I saw “Elvis & Nixon” with my dad on Mother’s Day.  (What? It’s not weird. Both our moms are dead.)  It was fun.  The actor that played Elvis was a somewhat unusual choice…but Kevin Spacey as Nixon was more than worth the price of the ticket.  It’s not going to be anywhere near the running for best picture, but it was lighthearted and fun and I’d watch it again.  Probably has a hell of a director’s commentary.
  7. My brother and I have continued work on his solo record.  I like the songs he’s written a lot–more than one serious ear-worm on the album.  And I’ve had a lot of fun playing on it.  I think I’ve written it here before, but in case I haven’t…  This is some of the best guitar work of my entire career.  I’m excited for everybody to hear it!  But first we’ll need to record those pesky drums!
  8. On this past Thursday, I broke a tooth.  Not the first time that’s happened…but it was enough to make me go to the dentist today.  He said the word “extraction” and said it applied to five of the teeth in my head.  Kind of a bummer.  Haven’t started pulling them yet though.  Repaired the one I broke last week and have an appointment to fill in some others next week.  Then we’ll see where we stand financially and get serious about the really bad stuff.  I’m nervous about that.  Mostly financially…but also I’ve never had a tooth pulled before, and for at least a couple of them it’ll take an oral surgeon instead of my normal dentist, so that’s even worse.  I don’t trust doctors easily (which means the dentist I presently use is a VERY good dentist)…  But also, I bought a super-fucking-expensive guitar last year, man…  I don’t wanna spend this kind of money on my teeth now.  I’m not trying to win a beauty contest–I just wanna chew!  🙂
  9. On May 27, I celebrated 3 years of sobriety.  I don’t talk about the reasons I quit too often, but I’m glad I did.  Everybody else is free to drink whatever they want to, and I’ll be glad to be your ride home.  But I had my reasons, and I’m still content to stand by them, until some girl tricks me into drinking wine with her and also smoking.
  10. It was my 36th birthday on May 29.  Had a good time with family and hearing from friends.  Got some really nice gifts.  The main one I’ve spent time with so far is the boxed set of the complete “Boy Meets World.”  It aired from 1993-2000.  So I was kind of the target audience at the time.  It’s one of those shows that’s stuck with me.  And with the launch in recent years of the spinoff series “Girl Meets World,” I’m glad to learn I’m not alone in that.  (The new show is great too, but I sometimes feel weird being 36 and watching a show about a preteen/teenaged girl.)  I’ve just been sitting, watching episode after episode for the past few days.  Enjoying it a lot.  The show is really life-affirming and fun, and that’s a nice change from the music I listen to…
  11. Got some gigs coming up with The Michael Feldman Group on June 24-25.  I have no idea where.  I’ll find out and let you know!

And that’s it for this round.  Hope to blog at you again soon.

2 thoughts on ““Go out on a Tuesday? Who am I, Charlie Sheen?” – Marge Simpson”

  1. Yeah, about that #9 thing. If I’ve gotten in the way of you saying anything you have wanted to say, don’t let that happen. I’m pretty much an open book now. And if I don’t have anything to do with what you said in #9, please forgive my massive ego. 🙂

    1. Well, yeah it’s part that some of it isn’t my story to tell, but if I get going I can always say, “I have a friend who…” and leave it at that. But it’s also that some of the personal, unique reasons that should’ve been red-flags to quit anyway bum me out to talk about, so I tend to keep it brief. 🙂

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