Rash Decisions

I’ve had a weird few days. Going to write about it here in case anyone needs a time line that might lead to a miracle cure like on House.

On Thursday, I left work like normal and went to the grocery store. Went to bed a little late but otherwise it was uneventful, at least while I was awake… But I apparently had a fitful night’s sleep. When I woke up on Friday, the first thing I noticed was that my back hurt. A lot. Like some of the worst back pain I’ve ever had. I had trouble even rolling over to reach for my phone…

And my phone wasn’t there. I have a hamper by one side of my bed where I set my phone at night. I’d somehow swept everything off the hamper onto the floor. With much effort–remember my back–I rolled over to grab my glasses off of the stool on the other side of the bed. No luck there, either. I’d somehow turned the stool over. At this point I noticed a couple of my pillows had been thrown to the ground. (I use three pillows. I know. Weird.) And more than that, my tongue was tingling. Apparently I’d bitten it.

My back hurt so much, I immediately called (texted) in to work. They generously took me at my word and covered for me. I went back to sleep for a bit, then staggered into the bathroom to shower and maybe loosen up my back with the hot water. That’s when I looked into the mirror and saw a rash on my right shoulder and neck (and maybe a little bit on my face?). It didn’t hurt or burn or itch…it was just THERE. And that’s when I discovered I couldn’t lift my legs up over the side of the tub without actually, physically lifting them, using my hands.

So…what happened?  Somehow in my sleep on Thursday into Friday, I turned a bunch of stuff over, bit my tongue, obtained a rash, and seriously injured my back. What was the deal??

I think it was a food allergy. I think the sushi I got–that I’ve never had before–caused me distress in my sleep and gave me a rash to go with it.

But I didn’t think of that right away. At first I thought I’d ignore it and see how it went. So I posted something about it on Facebook and went on my way. Which is when people started mentioning meningitis and shingles. So I freaked out.

I went to the doctor for the first time in like 15 years. I went to an Urgent Care. I don’t have a physician. I figured they’d at least know if it was an emergency or not…although having been there, now I’m not so sure. The guy who looked at me seemed to project that I was wasting his time. He poked at the rash briefly and asked me a couple questions, then told me he can either give me pain killers or drawn my blood. I asked if it was potentially meningitis and he said, “no” almost as if I’d insulted him. (Never trust your Facebook friends.) He asked if I’d recently done anything physical (ha!) and suggested maybe it was a bleed…which…wouldn’t you think THAT would be an issue?

I expressed that the rash worried me and he tried to have my blood drawn. They stuck a needle in me four different places but…did you know you can’t draw blood from somebody who’s dehydrated? Because that’s how I learned it. In the end, almost begrudgingly, the guy gave me a prescription for an antihistamine, “in case it’s a reaction.” As opposed to all the OTHER rashes out there that are just for looks?

Got the script filled and in thinking about how I could’ve gotten the rash, only two things occur to me. 1. I wore a tour shirt that I bought at the Who concert without washing it first. It’s best practice to wash new shirts before you wear them for exactly that type of reason…but it seems unlikely. Then (2.) I remembered the sushi. Grocery Store Sushi. With some kid of sauce I can’t identify.

That almost has to be it, right?

The antihistamine makes me tired. I’m not sure if the rash is getting better or not, but at least it isn’t worse. And the team at work did a pretty good job without me, but not so good that it looks like they don’t need me. So…that’s where we are.

If you’re the praying type, I’d appreciate it. I’d like for this whole ordeal to be over with the antihistamine and lotion (I decided on the lotion myself). And I’d like to go another 15 years before I have to see a doctor who doesn’t really care about me again. But if all of that’s too much…then just that the rash will fade and fade quickly. The back pain is healing nicely. Back pain in and of itself doesn’t freak me out at all. The rash scared me though. Never had that before.

There isn’t really an ending to this post. It just kind of stops.

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