New Year, New Record

On Christmas Day, I made an announcement in a Facebook post most people probably missed because it was Christmas.  In the early part of this year–probably February–I’ll be releasing a new solo record called “Trigger Warnings & Sunshine.”  I said in that same Facebook post that I’d give more details in the new year.  So this is the post where I tell you what to expect.

It’s going to be a pretty bipolar listen, hence the title.  One of the songs has one of the most inward and dark stanzas I’ve ever written…and a couple of the songs are the most forward-looking things I’ve written in years.  And in contrast to my last two releases, I don’t use even one curse-word.  Although lyrically, it’s still probably out of your toddler’s wheelhouse.  There’s some pretty heavy-sounding stuff, and there some stuff that’s pretty folky.  It’s a little all-over-the-place–and I’m happy about that.

This is the track-list…I think it will be in this order…

  1. One of These Days
  2. Not-Quite Middle-Life Crisis
  3. Everything Good
  4. Sometimes You Say Goodbye
  5. Hindsight
  6. Hey, Sweetness
  7. Man in the Mirror
  8. Not Okay
  9. Church Girls
  10. (Tired of Writing) Songs About Suicide
  11. Beautiful Disaster
  12. You Are Not Alone

All but two of those songs were written since the release of the “Something to Look Forward to…” album.  “Everything Good” has been looking for a home for about 10 years and “Church Girls” was slated for an album that never came together that would have preceded “Ink-Stained Fingers,” had I completed it.  Of those two, even “Church Girls” got almost a complete lyrical re-write while I was in the “demo” stage.  So we’re pretty current with this one.  Most of the stuff I write is at least somewhat autobiographical (albeit not always entirely the absolute truth) so this one brings us pretty much up to date.

Instrument-wise, I used my Rickenbacker, my old Ibanez Soundgear bass, my Parkwood acoustic, and my Fender Strat–but only on a couple solos.  (Also some drums and keys on it…but so what?)  I’m presently finishing up final vocals on it and then taking a week off from the project before listening and making sure I’m happy with it before sending it off for the physical products.  Oh…and yes, there will be physical products in addition to the ABSOLUTELY FREE downloads available at my Bandcamp page that have become a regular thing.

I’m saying it’s “probably” going to be out in February because if I don’t like it on a re-listen, there will be fixes made and it’ll be more like March.  But I’m hoping you’ll be listening to this one while it’s still Winter and before you’re consistently writing the correct year on your checks.

I think that’s it…  Otherwise, I’m still super-bummed about Lemmy and I’ve listened to most of the Motorhead discography in the past week.  But let’s stay focused…  Yaaaaaaay…new album!

Photo by Tara Black during the “Ink-Stained Fingers” session. Tara, I think this is the last one I’m using from that session. We’ll schedule a new one before the NEXT record.