“I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells, and i like to kiss my own butt.” – Moe Szyslak

That’s one of my favorite Simpsons quotes in the blog title.  Been meaning to use it for a long time, and I’ve never really thought I’ve written something to live up to it as a post title.  I still haven’t.  Just tired of sitting on it.  Friends of the blog know the Simpsons quote in the title means it’s a random/potpourri post.  Let’s go!

  1. Scott Weiland died.  That was sad to learn.  The day after, I listened to the Stone Temple Pilots “Purple” album for the first time in a long time.  Still holds up.  I was late to the party getting into them…it took hearing “Tiny Music” in Vince Chandler’s car in high school for me to think of them as anything other than “Pearl Jam Light.”  Mea culpa for that.  STP was a great band–although I’ll admit, I stopped buying new stuff after “Shangri-La-De-Da.”  Didn’t even give Chester Bennington a chance.  It saddens me that none of us has even thought to question the cause of death–even though it hasn’t been released yet.  You kind of want to hold out for it being some kind of accident or aneurism or something…but it was drugs or complications from drug use.  Weiland was an insanely gifted performer with a horrible set of personal demons.  But who isn’t?  Hope his family is okay.  He’s got kids.
  2. Holly Woodlawn also died.  Holly was perhaps best known as being from “Miami, FLA” in Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.”  But she was also a role model for young transgender men and women in a time when having any non-heteronormative sexual identity was hated and feared on a level that can only be compared to racism.  I’m not sure we’ve come very far on that yet, actually…but people like Holly are part of why we’ve made the strides as a society that we have made.
  3. I promise that this isn’t just the Death Report….
  4. I put down the Rickenbacker for a few days, telling myself I couldn’t pick it back up until I had a passable rough, demo mix of my brother’s record to present to him.  It’s got temporary drums (just a kick/snare), but I’ve got a mix and I’m happy with the work I’m doing.  It’s what I’d call a “for approval” mix.  The guitar parts are pending Dave saying, “Yeah, that’s perfect” or “Way off! Go suck a butt!”  Or any point in-between. It’s his record, so if he wants anything changed, he gets it.  But if these parts are what go to press, I’m happy with them.  (Although I’ve got the levels all wrong.  There’s a remix or ten coming.)
  5. So…then I picked the Ric back up.  I have been playing it just plugging directly into an amp–no effects–and enjoying the clean, perfect tone.  Last night, I finally plugged it into the effect board and tried out some distortions and choruses, etc…  And damn…  I wish I could buy this guitar all over again just to show it how much I love it.  Not one BIT of buyer’s remorse on this thing!
  6. There’s speculation that Neil Peart of Rush officially considers himself retired.  It was big news on Monday.  So of course today, Geddy Lee says Neil’s not retired.  And it goes on.  That will probably be how Rush works until one of them dies (God-forbid!).  Neil’s been saying he’s retiring for at least a decade or more.  He came close after some personal tragedies, and Lord knows if anyone deserves to put their feet up, it’s Neil…  But I imagine Geddy will talk him into SOMETHING eventually.  Probably not a full-on tour this time…but something.  Even if not, everything we’ve gotten since “Vapor Trails” is a gift we were not owed, and I’m not going to freak out if the guy’s ready to walk away.
  7. Getting new boots for Christmas.  Looking forward to them.  Dad and I went shopping for a pair about a week ago and I found some I like and that will be fitting replacements for the brown ones I’ve been wearing for close to 10 years.  While we were there, Dad bought himself a hell of a nice hat, to.  It might be the haberdashery equivalent of a Rickenbacker.
  8. Ordered a pizza the other day and they left the pepperoni on it even though I’d asked for none.  Decided the hell with it and ate it anyway.  My brother and I share a weird skin-condition when it comes to pepperoni…so if you see me walking around with cold sores within the next week (have one now!), as an FYI, it was the pizza.  Not anything sexy.
  9. I don’t know what to say about San Bernardino.  I do think people are overplaying the potential ISIL connection–I think we saw someone who knew they weren’t going to survive their killing spree that was designed to spread chaos, so why not cause more chaos and pretend to be an actual terrorist instead of just a piece of shit?  But It’s sad, man.  It’s really horrible that we can’t turn on the TV in this country without expecting to hear that someone has shot up a group of people who didn’t see it coming.  What do you even say about it at this point?  Obama’s speech on Sunday (which I note he waited until AFTER football ended to deliver, because that’s how America works) was as inspirational as I’ve come to expect from him…but damn I wish I didn’t have to expect it.
  10. I think I’m right on the edge of maybe catching a cold.  My sinuses hurt a lot on Monday, so I started taking Sudafed and Ibuprofen trying to hold it off.  Felt a little better today, but my head was cloudy and I might still have some sinus pressure.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m usually sick somewhere in the area of Thanksgiving/Christmas…so I’m due.  We’ll see.
  11. Talking of Christmas…  It’s soon.  Need to shop.  I think people think I don’t like Christmas…and those people can go suck the biggest of butts.  (I say, “go suck a butt” now, by the way.)  I’m not a fan of Christmas MUSIC by and large, but I love Christmas.  Who doesn’t love Christmas, as long as they’ve got someone to share it with and aren’t like Jewish or Muslim or Atheist or whatever?  Okay…so a lot of people don’t love Christmas…  But I do, and I’m not sure why people think I don’t.  I could do without the schmaltzy music, but those sparkly-ass lights and those fly-ass candy canes are always welcome in my book.
  12. It’s presently Hanukkah.  Hope my Jewish friends are having fun doing whatever the hell it is you do with a dreidel.
  13. It’s midnight and I forgot to start the laundry.  Tomorrow’s another day.

That’s it for now.  Come back again for something else!


Current Listening:

  • The Replacements – All Shook Down
  • Dream Theater – Last couple records–new one coming out next year that looks interesting, so I’m kind of on a kick.
  • Coheed & Cambria – The Color Before the Sun

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