“Turn him from an enemy into a friend. Then, when he’s not expecting it…bam! The old fork in the eye.” – Moe Szyslak

Sorry about not blogging at all in October.  I know in the Internet world if you’re not creating content, you’re forgotten.  Even if the content you put out is terrible, at least it’s SOMETHING.  That’s probably why fart jokes are so prevalent…

Anyhoo…  There’s some serious shit I’m in the middle of that I can’t write about (or at least it would be in poor taste to do so), which of course makes it the ONLY thing I want to write about… So I’ve been writing nothing at all.  Sorry about that.  To start fixing that, here’s one of those “everything/nothing” posts I do with the Simpson’s quote in the title.  I like those.

  1. Before anybody worries, when I say, “serious shit” no one’s dying or on drugs or anything like that.  At least not to my knowledge.  Just can’t talk to people who aren’t involved.
  2. A Drive-By Truckers show came and went without me writing about it.  It was a good show and a lot of fun.  Went with Dad and Dave, per usual.  Ate tacos and got coffee beforehand.  Band was great…etc…
  3. Did I write about going to the Bottle Rockets in-store at Vintage Vinyl?  It was on the release date for their new record “South Broadway Athletic Club” and they played the whole album in sequence.  My brother put it best that night when he said, “This just became one of my favorite records of the year and I haven’t even played it yet.”  It’s a great record, it was a great performance, and they’re really nice guys.  And they played Rickenbacker guitars.  And now I want one.  Bad.  Like I’ve been actively pricing them and figuring out just how much I actually **need** to spend on Christmas this year, bad.  If anybody wants to loan me like $500-1000 to help me out on the thing, I’d really appreciate that.  What’s that?  Fuck myself?  On it.
  4. POLITICS!!!  – Trump scares the shit out of me, but would more if he were an actual candidate and this wasn’t just a publicity thing.  Carson scares the shit out of me for real.  Hillary’s going to get the nod.  Bernie DESERVES the nod.  The end.
  5. My church is meeting at night tomorrow.  It’s a sort of “trial run” before making the switch full-time in March.  So I’m not going to church tomorrow.  I might not go back the next week.  This is starting to feel like a “quick, like a Band-Aid” situation.  We’ll see.
  6. I ate just the BEST gooey-butter brownie cake from a local grocery store.  I don’t think they’re even chain-wide, but oh my God.  Like…have you ever wanted to have sex with a cake?  It was that kind of cake. Sexy-good.
  7. My friend Doug wrote a book called “The Irony of Teaching Truth” that is more or less the story of his experience fighting against the sexual abuse scandal that has swallowed up First Christian Church of Florissant and also St. Louis Christian College.  I hope it will be released publically soon and that it will be read as a textbook on what NOT to do as a church/parachurch organization.  I don’t have a horse at FCCF, but I did at SLCC…  Please note use of the word “did.”  I’m saddened by how things have gone.  I don’t know what can fix it…  I don’t want to speak ill…but I believe in the truth.  The truth is the only thing that matters.  And in this situation, sadly illness is the truth.  I’ve opted to be a little more quiet about my feelings on the whole thing than I might’ve thought I would–mostly because I’m something of a black-sheep that isn’t using his degree and bounces back and forth between Gaither-level faith and Slayer-level doubt…but the truth has a way of coming out.  Even if I’m not in a position to speak it and be heard, the truth WILL come out.  And the Christians here in Florissant should be scared shitless of the day it does.  (Or maybe they should be praying for it. Not sure.)
  8. Boy, cats are weird, huh?
  9. Still working on Dave’s solo record…  Hit a couple of delays.  I was hoping to have guitars done by the end of October, but they’re not yet.  I’ve made a good dent in it today and I’ll be doing more tomorrow (probably).  Starting to sound pretty good, I think.  It’d sound better on a Rickenbacker, though.
  10. Looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I’ve had some bad Novembers lately though, so I’m holding out hope that this one’s eventless.  Here’s a wish of luck to all of us.
  11. I’m presently re-watching a 12-part series on the origins and evolution of Heavy Metal.  There’s something weird and amazing about being a Metal fan.  It’s a brotherhood you don’t find anywhere else outside of organized religion.  Fierce loyalty to certain bands, mixed with “well that’s fucking cool–who is that?”  Loud and dangerous.  Angry and powerful.  I’m going to use the word POWERFUL again, but in all-caps this time…  I think that’s what draws me to it.  I hear Metal and I feel strong–how can you not?  The only reaction is either to feel strength or FEAR, and if we’re a brotherhood, then there’s nothing to be afraid of…  Except for Mayhem.  Those guys were fucking nuts.  (For those who need to know, I lean more Thrash and Power Metal–particularly the British stuff–but do enjoy some of the Industrial/Shock stuff too.)
  12. I think I overuse hyphens.  Right?  Anybody else notice that?

Well…that’s it for now.  See you next…week? ***shrug***

Current Listening:

  • Michael Penn – Mr. Hollywood Jr 1947
  • The Replacements – Discography on “Shuffle.”

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