“That horse better win or we’re taking a trip to the glue factory and he won’t get to come!” – Homer Simpson

Wow.  I didn’t write at all in the month of August.  Sorry about that.  I started writing something at one point, but decided it was too gritty and abandoned it.  Points for effort?  No?  Well, fine…here’s another everything/nothing post.

  1. I have two different sets of friends who are having babies.  I won’t put names on the blog, because why should I?  But one of ’em made me cry at work when I found out about it.  So that’s nice.
  2. I’ve been writing some songs. I don’t think anything will happen with them before the end of the year.  But they’re happening.  Nothing too cohesive yet.  I’ve got about four that are incomplete.  Three of them are more incomplete than the other one.
  3. Dave and I continue to work on his solo project.  We have the rough framework of most of the tracks and I need to sit and build the actual guitar parts in a conscious way.  I’ve toyed around with a few ideas, but nothing solid yet.  I know how I work–I work in big chunks, so I’ve kind of been waiting until all of his initial work is done to really dig in.  But we keep getting delayed by my own jackassery including illnesses and once just forgetting what day it was and being completely unprepared.  I hate that–when my own idiocy prevents progress.  It’ll get done.  I think he and I only have one more session before I start the guitar work in earnest.  I’ve got a couple of them stuck in my head, anyway, so we’re on the right track.
  4. I’m really worried about Lemmy from Motorhead.  He will be 70 in December and has a lot of health problems (which, in fairness, have been a long time coming).  He’s been canceling gigs left and right lately and I don’t have high hopes for the St. Louis show scheduled for Tuesday…  More than not wanting to go to a disappointing (or disappearing) set, I mostly just want Lemmy to be okay.  The new album is fucking GREAT and it deserves a great tour…but if the guy needs to sit it out, I’d take a new record in two years over a funeral before the end of this one.  Get well, Lems.  We need you.
  5. A little business…  In case you’re not aware, September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  As you know, I’ve got all my music online for free at http://derekbrink.bandcamp.com.  It will still be there and still be free, but if you look at the site, you’ll notice it’s all actually listed as “Name Your Price.”  That means if you enter $0.00, it’s free, or you can pay whatever you want if you want to throw me a couple of bucks.  Well, I’ve decided that if anyone makes a purchase from http://derekbrink.bandcamp.com in September, I will be giving 100% of my earnings to Nuci’s Space in Athens, Georgia, who specifically reach out to suicidal musicians. If you pay $10 for a download, I’ll donate $10 to Nuci’s Space.  If you pay $1500 for one track, I’ll donate $1500 to Nuci’s Space.  I will keep none of it.  Or, if you don’t trust me and would like to donate to them directly, you can do so here. I’m more than cool with it if you cut out the middle man.  (I’m also cool with it if you download for free and don’t care about this at all–just wanted you to know the option’s there.)
  6. Work’s been busy.  Which keeps us working.  So can’t really complain.
  7. There’s a greater than 90% chance I’ll need to find a new church to attend in the very near future.  My church is great.  I love it.  I don’t want to leave it.  But I’ve reached a point that I am rarely able to attend our Wednesday night meetings and coming soon our Sunday morning meetings will be switched to evening meetings.  I can’t do that.  I have dinner with my dad every Sunday night and I won’t compromise on that.  Plus, I don’t want to do something active late in the day on the last day off before the work week.  And also–I’m a little ashamed by this–I just don’t really want to hang around in North City for very long after dark.  (I know.  Sorry.  But I do think this is a reasonable paranoia, looking at recent crime statistics and talking to members of our church who live there.)  So it’s time to move on, from what I can tell.  I’m deeply saddened by it.  I’ve said to people in the past that I’ve considered leaving Pursuit before, but “who the fuck else will have me?”  And I feel that now.  But I don’t see a way to make it work.  Regardless of if I go anywhere else when that transition happens, I won’t be able to keep going THERE…so it’s find somewhere new or go nowhere at all.  Both options suck.  But if you’ve got a church you think I should check out, please let me know.  I’d prefer one where they know we’re all grown-ups and I won’t go to hell for saying dirty words.  I have nothing but good things to say about Pursuit and I’ll say those things a lot.  I’ll just have to say them somewhere else.
  8. I watched the VMAs and was furious throughout.  It’s real shit, the music these kids are listening to.  And I don’t care that I sound old saying that.  If being young means I have to love the Kanye and the Justin and the Miley, then either get me into a rest home, or shoot me now.
  9. I re-alphabetized and re-shelved all of my CDs this past weekend.  It took pretty much all day.  I’ve got over 1500 CDs, apparently.  It was a big job, but I enjoyed it.  Doing something like that, you get to relive moments of your life.  “Oh yeah, I bought that one in Minneapolis during a school trip.”  “I remember the Summer that I got all of this Cheap Trick.  That’s when I got all the Spice Girls stuff, too.”  (Seriously.)  “Man…I was really into the Get Up Kids for a while.”  You get to kind of relive the soundtrack of your autobiography.  I actually considered taking a page from the “High Fidelity” movie/book and was going to try arranging them autobiographically…but frankly I’ve got a couple of years in my 20s that are a blur and also I buy in such volume that I could probably only get “kind of ” close…so I stuck to the alphabet.  🙂

…and that’s it.  Until next time…which I hope won’t be two months.

Current Listening (been all over the place):

  • Beatles Playlist on “shuffle”
  • Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind
  • Stone Sour – House of Gold & Bones