“Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non-consecutive occassions.” – Grampa Simpson

Been kind of a long week…  Here’s how…

  1. I got sick sometime on Tuesday between getting up and getting to work.  I felt sluggish getting out of bed, but that’s not unheard of, so I got in the car and started driving in.  When I walked into the office, I immediately went to my manager’s desk and said, “I feel terrible.  I’m not going to be here long.”  I was home by 10:00.  Then I stayed home on Wednesday and went in but left early on Thursday.  Made it the whole day on Friday, feeling a lot better, but stayed home sluggishly sitting on the couch that night and for most of Saturday.  Feel okay today.  Don’t know what that was, but it kicked the shit out of me…and sadly it was the most and best sleep I’ve had in years.
  2. Needless to say, I haven’t caught up at work yet.  Meant to do so over the weekend…but…
  3. My laptop is having some issues.  It keeps freezing up and then shutting down, then it takes a long time to reboot.  I’m hoping it’s just a clogged fan that can be fixed with some compressed air, but I haven’t got any on hand and haven’t really ventured outside much this weekend.  Unfortunately, that made logging in to work problematic.  (Writing this, there’s only a 50/50 shot of me actually completing it before something goes wrong, but it’s less critical than an insurance claim.)
  4. On Friday, I lost a coworker at the office.  (He didn’t die–we just don’t work together anymore.)  I kinda liked the guy and I’m bummed to see him moving on, but these things are unavoidable.  Wish him well.
  5. This has been mostly about work, so far, hasn’t it?  Let’s change gears…
  6. I ordered and received some t-shirts from Jason Isbell’s website.  He had some new designs for the new record and offered price breaks for buying multiple items…so I splurged.  Probably end up regretting it when I see the bank account…but oh well.  You’ve got to enjoy yourself.
  7. I also received my tickets to the DBT and Motorhead shows.  It was nice to have them in-hand.
  8. I skipped church today. The church did its annual (or semi-annual, since it’s not on the same day/week each year) kickball tournament instead of a service today.  I’m less than useless in a sporting environment, so I didn’t even show up.  No one asked me to play on their team either…which there’s a part of me that feels like being asked still would’ve been nice, but ultimately it’s just as well that people knew it would’ve been a waste of breath.  I’m better at sleeping, anyway.  (Think about that…  I’m an insomniac and I’m better at sleeping than I am at kickball.)
  9. I ran out of soda early in the week due to being home on the sick days to drink it…  So I went out and bought some flavored sparkling water.  I like it…but the fact that it isn’t soda means I drink like six of them in a sitting…
  10. Been listening to the Father John Misty record a lot.  It just plays really well to me.  And I bought it on vinyl, so you can really hear the pain underneath, if you turn it up loud enough.

I guess that’ll do it.  Until the next time I have nervous energy before bedtime…


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