“Y’ello? You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel.” – Homer Simpson

I don’t know.  I’m exhausted, I have laundry in, and I haven’t written yet this month.  So it’s time to do the thing.

  1. I picked up the new Jason Isbell record.  It’s exactly what I want out of a Jason Isbell record.  It didn’t blow me away like “Southeastern” did, but it’s got a couple of songs that will definitely be favorites.  Destined for the top ten.  Top five.  Top two?
  2. Also picked up the new Father John Misty – “I Love You, Honeybear.”  It’s phenomenal.  A gritty and yet beautiful record.  If I had to describe the overall theme, I’d describe it as a really visceral love letter to his wife.  It’s so intense and carries a vibe of “only YOU will get this (honeybear)” that is clearly so much more personal than the listener can understand…so of course it speaks absolutely crystal clearly.  It’s funny how universal the most personal art can be.  Brilliant, brilliant record.  And vulgar.  The first song describes (sorry!) “Mascara, blood, ash, and cum on the Rorschach sheets where we make love.”  And that’s in the first stanza…but it’s also a touching declaration of love.  How it’s sometimes ugly, but it’s fuckin’ real, man.  It’s a delicate mix of hope, fear, commitment, dread, existential doubt, and almost arrogant confidence that this thing’s going to last forever.  As much as I hate to say it, this might be the record in the #1 spot for the year, while Isbell’s rests at #2.  That’s how good it is.
  3. Been exhausted lately.  Work’s busy and I haven’t been sleeping right.  (Although that’s not because of work.)  And it doesn’t help that they just shut down a major part of the highway for bridge repairs, shutting down access to pretty much the two main roads for the entire city of Ferguson by route of Highway 270.  (I’m sure it’s ***just*** a coincidence that the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s execution is coming up in early August…ahem…)  It’s going to be weeks of gridlock, and I don’t do well with gridlock.  Too much already just-below-the-surface anger to cope with that.  I don’t even NEED those streets, and it’s still adding 20 minutes to my commute.  I started this number with being tired…maybe I mean I’m SICK AND tired…
  4. My brother’s birthday was this past Saturday.  As was my friend Dani’s wedding.  My friend Amanda’s birthday was Thursday, too.  And today was the due date for my monthly student loan payment.  Dates are funny like that.  At least they all worked out pretty good.
  5. I’ve officially got tickets on their way to my house for Motorhead in September and the Drive-By Truckers in October.  Gonna be a loud Fall.  That’s good news.
  6. Been writing some songs,  No idea if they’re any good.  That’ll unfold over time, I’m sure.  I’ll keep you posted.
  7. Working on a project with my brother that I guess is kind of his solo project.  It’s unnamed at the moment.  But it’s goofy, fun pop songs.  Dave wrote the chord structures and whatnot–so it’s his baby.  We’re in the demoing stage right now.  I need to sit and write riffs and stuff…right now it’s just basic chords on a page.  Once Dave has all of his demos done, I’ll hit the guitar stuff in earnest.  Sure I’ll be saying more about that as it unfolds, too.
  8. Did I mention “Becca’s Song” here?  I know I promoted “Outdoor Summer Concerts,” but I think I missed writing about “Becca’s Song.”  It’s a deeply personal thing for me.  You’ll probably get the most out of watching the YouTube video for it, but if you want to go straight to downloading the single, you’re free to do that, too.

I think that’s enough.  Nothing else to see here…


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