I did a thing!

Cover photo by Tara Black.

New single at http://derekbrink.bandcamp.com!  It’s all I’m doing this year, probably…so go get it.  It’s free, and I think it’s good.  If you’re too damn lazy to even do that, at least listen to it at the following embedded player:

The song is about liking a girl and going to shows and all of that sucking.  Just in time for summer!



One thought on “I did a thing!”

  1. Hey, I tried to send you a message through Facebook but for some reason it’s not loading. Anyway, I won’t go into detail like I did in the Facebook message which I guess you’ll never get, but I have an extra ticket to see Peter Bradley Adams at Blueberry Hill, duck room. Tomorrow night. Check his stuff out “I’ll Forget You” is especially great, and if you like, the ticket is yours. Free concert for you dude! 🙂 let me know. You can text me at 314-702-3039

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