For the Sake of Posting…

I’ve been meaning to write for forever.  I was going to write this really long, significant post about how much I love The Who…but then their show in St. Louis got postponed and I didn’t feel like writing it anymore.  So I’m just posting for the sake of posting.  I could write about my trip to the Art Museum last week…and maybe I will later…but it’s after midnight and I’m just trying to wind down…so I’ll save that, and for now I’m just going to post a list of bands that would be considered contenders for my “all time favorite bands” list.  Y’know…just to get something on the page.

I was going to only do 10, but the list quickly got out of hand, so I’ll just indicate potential top-ten contenders with a “*” after them.  I’m also going to put a “+” next to anybody who meant a lot to me for a specific time in my life, but maybe not anymore.

Here’s the list:

  • The Who* (This is my favorite band, hands down, no arguments.)
  • Rush* (Who I’m seeing on Thursday)
  • Queen*
  • David Bowie*
  • Johnny Cash*
  • Drive-By Truckers* (and also Jason Isbell–should probably give him his own line)
  • Pearl Jam*
  • Lou Reed/Velvet Underground*
  • Pink Floyd*
  • Iron Maiden*
  • Neil Young
  • Cheap Trick+
  • Led Zeppelin+
  • Beatles
  • Rich Mullins+
  • Elvis Costello
  • The Pixies/Frank Black (again, Frank should probably have his own line)
  • Aimee Mann
  • Descendents/ALL
  • Michael Manring
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Over the Rhine+
  • Madison Greene+
  • Dream Theater+
  • Van Halen+
  • Frank Zappa+
  • Tom Waits

So there you go.  Oh, that would have made an interesting playlist.  I should’ve done that.  That would’ve been a way better blog post.  Oh well…

I’ll write something better next time.  Promise.

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