I answered a bunch of writing prompts that were meant for people writing essays. Sorry.


Kinda bored.  Going to watch a movie before bed, but killing time until then.  So I pulled a bunch of random questions off a blog that offers writing prompts and I’m going to answer the ones I don’t think are stupid.  The list had like 160+ of them, but I’m only doing about half of them.  Good luck getting to the end of this…

  1. Do You Keep a Diary or Journal?
    Several. I write in a daily, mundane one and also I keep a running music log (stuff I’ve listened to/bought that day). I probably keep those the most up to date…but there are others.  At this point in my life, a notebook is a totally rad gift to be given, because it will be used.  (Also, I’m trying to bring back “rad.”)
  2. Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores?
    What? No.  That’s stupid.  Where would the money come from?
  3. Would You Like to Take a Class Online?
    I’m 34 and I haven’t.  So no.
  4. Are Children of Illegal Immigrants Entitled to a Public Education?
    I think that legally they absolutely are, regardless of your actual opinion on the issue.  And also yes.
  5. What Is Your Personal Credo?
    “Don’t fuck up.”
  6. Should Students Be Required to Take Drug Tests?
    Only if the faculty and police officers have to take them first.
  7. Do Attractive People Have Advantages Others Don’t?
    Other than being attractive, you mean?  Yes, of course.
  8. What Motivates You?
    Usually being pissed off and/or having limited time.
  9. Do You Support Affirmative Action?
    I support hiring the person who is ethically best for the job, regardless of race, gender, etc. I presently work with several highly qualified people of color and several highly qualified white people.  I am grateful to have employers who hire fairly from all races, ages, genders, etc.  I am sad to know that there are employers out there that do not.  However, I do wonder if, when someone is an Affirmative Action hire…do they really WANT to work for someone who didn’t actually want THEM?
  10. What Role Does Television Play in Your Life and the Life of Your Family?
    I’m a well documented pop-culture junkie.  However, I feel I have benefited from that and learned several things.  That’s possible if you do it right.  A lot of people do it wrong.  My family talks about the stuff we watch and we have fun together.  TV’s a tool for both educational and social purposes.  If I didn’t have it, I’m sure I’d find other tools.  I’m sure my family would get along fine…but we have it and it’s not going anywhere, so let’s just have fun, okay?
  11. Why Do You Write?
    Desire to be heard and understood.  But also this way, if you want to dismiss me, you can do so without confrontation.  I’m typically shy and trip over words in-person…this way I can put whatever I want to say out there and people either hear it or don’t, and most people don’t care enough to comment either way.  So I like this.
  12. How Do You Use Facebook?
    As a social platform for communication and entertainment.  I don’t play games on it, but I enjoy the posts of friends and family, and I like posting things that make people laugh.
  13. What Are You Afraid Of?
    Spiders, large bodies of water, closed in spaces, and dying alone.
  14. What Have You Made Yourself?
    A cup of coffee.
  15. Do You Trust Your Government?
    I trust it for the business of running government.  No farther.
  16. What Are Your Favorite Cartoons?
    Big question…  Five off the top of my head: The Simpsons, Futurama, Venture Bros., Home Movies, and…let’s say The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley.
  17. Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study?
    I think I made a case for it earlier…
  18. Do You Have Good Manners?
    Ehh…reasonably.  It’s a sliding scale.  Depends on the situation, the group, and what you mean by “good.”
  19. What Challenges Have You Set for Yourself?
    I’m at the point where I mostly just want to get through the damn week.  Life throws enough challenges at me.  I’m just trying to survive them.  I’m at the age where paying the bills is more important than reaching for the stars, y’know?  Whatever happens happens.
  20. Have You Experienced Sexual Harassment?
    Not from your sweet, sweet ass, I haven’t!
  21. Do Leaders Have Moral Obligations?
    Short answer is “kind of.”  A leader leads others through the things they are doing, so they at least have to be able to think critically and not lose their shit at regular intervals.  But we all have bad days and make mistakes.  I would say you know a leader when you see one, and the moral side of that was probably settled LONG before they became your leader.
  22. Would You Want to Be Home-Schooled?
    Shit no.  No.
  23. Do You Shop at Locally Owned Businesses?
    Not exclusively.  I shop at places that have the thing I want and that I enjoy patronizing.  Some are local, some aren’t.  Both of my regular record stores are locally owned.
  24. What Do You Read, and How Do You Read It?
    Books.  Usually in a chair.
  25. Should People Be Allowed to Obscure Their Identities Online?
    Yes.  I know that there’s a downside to that–the trolls and bullies…but the upside is that obscuring your identity also keeps you safe from those same people in real life, sometimes.
  26. Which Is More Important: Talent or Hard Work?
    It’s a 50/50 split.  You work on your talents.  You also require some just-plain blind-fucking-luck.
  27. Do Photoshopped Images Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Looks?
    Not even a little.  Actual people I meet in real life do sometimes, though…
  28. What Would You Put in Your Emergency ‘Go-Bag’?
    I don’t have any plans…but basically if I could grab a few things on the way out the door in an emergency (assuming keys and phone are a given), I’d include a guitar, whatever book I’m currently reading, and probably my laptop since I don’t back up to the Cloud or whatever.  I can’t think of many material possessions that are quintessentially “me.”  I’d probably be pretty bummed that the house was burning down or whatever though.  I’m more worried about having the place to live than the things in it.
  29. What Artists or Bands of Today Are Destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
    Tough one.  I’m going to pick 5 and they might not be the same 5 I’d pick next year.  I think Jason Isbell deserves it. Foo Fighters will probably make it.  Arcade Fire will make it, but I don’t think they’ll deserve it (even though I like most of their stuff).  Probably Ben Folds, thanks to longevity.  Annnnnnnd…I don’t know…Slipknot or somebody to represent metal.
  30. What New Emoticons Does the World Need?
    Middle finger.
  31. Are We Losing the Art of Listening?
  32. Do You Discuss Religion With Friends?
    Well I go to church with people who’re my friends…so yeah…
  33. What Places in Your Past Do You Appreciate More Now, From a Distance?
    I sometimes really miss being a librarian.  So that.  And I miss going to Cornerstone Festival.
  34. Would You Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account?
    I don’t see any reason to.  It’s been great for keeping in touch and keeping informed.  I guess I COULD, but I wouldn’t be in contact with a whole shitload of people…so I probably wouldn’t seriously consider it as of now, no.
  35. Is It Wrong to Sell Store-Bought Pastries at a Bake Sale?
    Yes.  It is a BAKE sale, you fraud.
  36. What Will You Remember Most From 2011?
    Ah…this was an old list, I see…  I don’t know what I will remember most about 2011, but I sure look forward to seeing what’s coming in 2012!
  37. Have You Ever Interacted With the Police?
    I used to have hair down to my waist and a beard to match.  Yes.  I have interacted with police.  And no, I do not give to Guns and Hoses.
  38. Can You Be Good Without God?
  39. What’s Your Favorite Holiday Food Memory?
    Probably the Christmas when my brother was still shaving his head and he was drinking rum-slush drinks.  Plural.  He had one in his hand and another sitting on top of his head.  He was complaining that he was cold.  (Personally I was drunk by the time I was asked to say the blessing, as well…so it was kind of a big year.)
  40. Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions?
    No.  In fact, I rarely celebrate it at all.
  41. Do You Have a Signature Clothing Item?
    Probably the boots, in most peoples minds.  Maybe the flannel shirts.  At work I’m known for wearing sport-coats.  You’d have to ask others if there are other things.  (In fact, feel free to mention something in the comments, if you’re still reading.)
  42. What Would Your Personal Mascot Be?
    Gary Busey.
  43. What Is Your Favorite Place?
    There is nothing like a record store.
  44. What if Your Parent Ran for President?
    I think Dad’s campaign slogan would be “America: Let’s fix this shittin’ thing.”  It’d go fine.
  45. Who Would You Share Your Passwords With?
    Probably a wife if I had one…although there’s really not much there to steal…so I could probably be talked into it by somebody.  My dad has my login info for my student loans, for tax purposes.
  46. Do You Think You’re Brave?
    I think I’m enough of a jackass and have a short enough fuse that it probably comes across that way.  But no.  I do not consider myself brave.
  47. What Is Your Most Memorable Writing Assignment?
    I wrote an analysis of the Book of James from the Anarchist perspective when I was in Bible College.  The professor made several notes, but gave me an A.
  48. Do You Have a Blog?
  49. Do You Watch the Super Bowl?
    Kind of…I don’t care, but it’s on.
  50. Do You Cook?
    Reasonably well.  I made a taco casserole today, in fact.
  51. Do You Like Being Alone?
    Yes and no.  I value my alone-time, but I get bored and lonely easily, too.  I should get a dog, right?  I think I’ll get a dog.
  52. Do You Eat Too Quickly?
    I have consumed 75% of the casserole, yes.
  53. Who Inspires You?
    Long list of musicians…long list of authors…couple of personal friends…
  54. What Kind of Feedback Helps You Improve?
    Suggestions rather than criticisms.
  55. Fluent in Vocal Fry, Creaky Voice or Uptalk?
    Oh, the person who wrote these questions had a stroke partway through…
  56. What Is Your Reaction to the Rush Limbaugh Controversy?
    Which one?  The one where he’s fat, deaf, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or just a tremendous asshole in-general?
  57. What Have You Done to Earn Money?
    Soooo many things I’m not proud of…
  58. What Are Your Favorite Junk Foods?
    It changes.  Presently on a Ben & Jerry’s kick.
  59. How Do You Feel About Zoos?
    Not opposed.  Generally positive.  But I’m not donating money to it.
  60. Would You Quit if Your Values Did Not Match Your Employers?
    Only if it mattered.  For the most part, your job is not designated or obligated to have a moral footprint.  As long as the difference of opinion doesn’t get taken out on anyone and doesn’t result in making it look like I am personally endorsing anything with which I do not agree, my employer can have whatever values s/he wants.  If s/he treats me fairly, what s/he believes in his/her personal time is his/her own business.  (For the record, I assume we meant “If your boss is a republican/democrat” not “If your boss is Hitler…”  I would not work for Hitler, probably.)
  61. Are Antismoking Ads Effective?
    They make me want to smoke.  I’m not kidding about that.  Even the one where they show the lady who smokes through the hole in her throat…I’m like, “Worth it.”
  62. Where Is the Line Between Truth and Fiction?
    I believe it’s when the lying starts…
  63. What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in a Museum?
  64. What Is Your Reaction to the Trayvon Martin Case?
    I think it was an ignored wake-up call and an embarrassment to the American justice system.  And I think Mike Brown suffered its direct result.  Hood and hands raised in solidarity.  This has to stop.  (Shit got real, #64…)
  65. What Movies, Shows or Books Do You Wish Had Sequels, Spinoffs or New Episodes?
    I was going to skip this one, but then I realized that I really hope they find a way to resurrect Futurama again.
  66. What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?
    Piss it away in like a weekend.  Not kidding.
  67. Do You Want to Write a Book?
    Yes, but I don’t think I have the patience or discipline.
  68. How Do You Archive Your Life?
    You’re looking at it.
  69. Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?
    I don’t think it matters much.  If people are so naïve that they think the couple wasn’t having sex living in separate houses before the wedding, then they deserve to be gob-smacked by the change of address card.
  70. Why Do You Share Photos?
    Boredom and laughter.  Rarely sentiment.
  71. How Necessary Is a College Education?
    I’m honestly not sure mine mattered much…the education itself, I mean.  The people and connections mattered, but they actual schooling was just killing time until I had to get a job.
  72. How Important Is Keeping Your Cool?
    More-so than I usually realize until it’s too late.
  73. Do You Prefer Your Tacos ‘Authentic’ or ‘Appropriated’?
    Fuck you, hippie.
  74. What Teacher Do You Appreciate?
    My old choir director, Kevin Koontz.  About once a month I look for him on Facebook, but I don’t think he has a page.  I have never felt more encouraged or appreciated by any teacher than I did Mr. Koontz and I’d love to be able to thank him now that I understand that.
  75. When Should You Feel Guilty for Killing Zombies?
    Never.  They’re already dead.
  76. How Should Parents Address Internet Pornography?
    I believe you right-click before pressing “Save-As” in most cases, but it might be different on a Mac.
  77. How Often Do You Interact With People of Another Race or Ethnicity?
    Daily.  And I think of their names before I do their races.
  78. How Full Is Your Glass?
    Well, I’m sober now…so…
  79. What’s Your Comfort Food?
    Italian food.  And stuff my mom used to make.
  80. How Close Are You to Your Parents?
    Pretty close.  Well…I mean mom’s dead…but I’m pretty close with Dad.  We hang out and enjoy a lot of the same things.  I don’t feel like I have to keep any secrets from him.  Probably one of the healthier relationships in my life, and people comment on it sometimes.  They think it’s weird that we’re so close and I’m not conflicted about it or something…  And I’ve gotten a few “I wish I had that kind of relationship with my dad” comments.  Folks, your parents are exactly as weird as you are and they did it first.  Accept that, figure it out, and have conversations–be honest about who you are and accepting of them for who they are.  You work that out in your 20s for most of us, and it gets pretty good.

…there were a few more, but let’s cap it at an even 80.  80…wow…sorry…

I’ll try to have a singular purpose next time.


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