“Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean that I don’t understand.” -Homer Simpson

I’m waiting for laundry to finish drying, so what the hell?  Let’s do a random post…

  1. I watched the Oscars last night, like many of you.  I was pleased to see Birdman take Best Picture.  In fairness, it’s the only one of the nominees I saw…but it was also the only one that made me want to see it.  I heard about the concept long before I saw a frame of footage, and immediately thought, “If the execution is half as good as the idea, it’s going to be stunning.”  Finally saw it, and was definitely stunned.  It was like watching a visual interpretation of a free-jazz piece.  Constant motion, no real relaxation, and it all looks like one-shot.  And it looks very much like a personal story for all involved.  And it looks like a theatre troop making good theatre.  The other nominees were a handful of docudramas, war flicks, and a family piece that although the concept of filming over 12 years is interesting…so what?…does that make the plot something I want to see?
  2. Additional Oscar thoughts:
    • The presentation of the “Glory” song was visually breathtaking…which is important for songs.  Ahem.  (Seriously, I liked it overall and respect the message.  That said, I cannot whistle or recall any of the lyrics to it today, whereas that was also the first time I’d heard “Everything is Awesome” and I was humming it all day.  So what actually does make something the best song?  “Glory” had the best point…but was it the best SONG?)
    • Lady Gaga proved that (as I’ve said for some time) she’s a ridiculously talented performer who doesn’t NEED the costumes.  Y’know…it’s funny that we never had to make the same excuses for David Bowie…
    • I’m probably going to see Whiplash.  I like seeing an old guy slap a young guy and dig jazz drums.
    • I have grown weary of Neil Patrick Harris.
    • I think Robert Duvall should always win every Oscar.
    • I was very pleased to see people talk long past the play-off music.  The music is an insult and it was good to see folks throwing a “fuck you” back at the Academy and keep thanking their families.
  3. I attempted to buy gloves at two different Targets today.  Both were completely sold out of gloves.  That seems like it was probably under-planning on their part rather than a mad rush this late into Winter.  So I bought a shirt and tie that I liked instead.  That showed them.
  4. I have a pretty good concert schedule for 2015.  Saw Jason Isbell on Valentine’s Day–he was spectacular, by the way.  I’m seeing Elvis Costello and comedian John Mulaney in March and The Who and Rush in May.  That’s pretty cool!
  5. Nick Hornby is one of my favorite authors, and I’m reading his new book “Funny Girl.”  It’s a good read.  It isn’t his best–it’s a little too light and fluffy to be his best…but it’s good.  (His best is probably either “A Long Way Down” or “Juliet, Naked.”) It’s fun, and it would probably be a good introductory read if you’re unfamiliar with his work.  Plenty of laughs and lots of heart.
  6. I picked up a copy of The Skeleton Twins on Blu, as well. Haven’t watched it yet, but I am excited to do so. I’m a big Bill Hader fan and every review I’ve read has sung his praises for this movie. Don’t know when I’ll make the time, but I’ve been looking forward to it for a long while. I had wanted to see it in a theatre, but it only played in one place I was aware of in St. Louis and I couldn’t make it. I’m sure I’ll keep you posted, if you want me to or not.
  7. WordPress is really dragging on my computer ever since they “upgraded” to their new format, no matter which browser I use.  We’ll see if I wait it out, or just switch to tumblr full time, I guess…

I’m going to stop there for now.  My laundry is either dry or will be by morning and I need to try to get some sleep.  Slept very badly last night and hoping to make up for it a little.

Current Listening:

  • Fishboy – Classic Creeps / An Elephant
  • Paul Westerberg – Eventually

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