“I don’t mind if you pee in the shower, but only if you’re taking a shower.” -Marge Simpson

I had set aside some time to log in to work tonight to get caught up from taking a sick day.  I can’t seem to get my laptop to do that, so I’m blogging instead.  Tired of reading my blog and seeing posts about people dying?  Me too!  So…this!  Simpsons quote in place in the subject line…random thoughts commence…

  1. I missed a very important album in 2014.  I’ve been wanting to get back into punk, so at random I picked up Against Me!’s “Transgender Dysphoria Blues.”  I’d heard of Against Me! a few times and figured they’d be a good place to start–although I was unfamiliar with their work or backstory.  I liked the sound immediately, and the lyrics were jarring.  On a record with that title, it might be easy to guess why…  The lead singer (then Thomas James Gabel) had announced that the record was going to be a concept piece about a transgender prostitute…but then a while later announced that he was personally also transgender, and now she answers to the name Laura Jane Grace.  …which is a lot of information to get when you pick up a band’s album on a whim.  It’s a deeply personal set of songs dealing with one man’s journey to becoming a woman, and it’s amazing both in content and in catchiness.  I can’t get this album out of my head, and it definitely should’ve been in my top ten last year on both counts.  My best wishes to Laura, and my applause for doing this so bravely in the public eye.
  2. Remember a couple of posts ago when I said it was too much money to go see Elvis Costello at the Pageant?  Yeah…I totally got tickets to see Elvis Costello at the Pageant.  Oops.
  3. Speaking of tickets…  Jason Isbell is coming to St. Louis on Valentine’s Day.  I’m probably going to end up going, but I haven’t gotten tickets yet…ladies…
  4. I donated money to Nuci’s Space during their last pledge drive and got a cool “perk” for doing so.  13 45s from HHBTM Records in Athens, GA.  Nuci’s is a favorite charity of mine, and I recommend that you check them out.  But I’m really writing about the box set right now…  🙂  It’s cool!  I like more than I don’t and I’m definitely going to explore a couple of the bands a little further.  (I especially loved Fishboy’s “Louis the Bear.”  It’s somehow breathtaking, but I don’t know how…it might be the tuba…)  Then there were a couple that I was just puzzled as to why anyone would agree to put it out.  And why does the only band I’d heard of going into it (Of Montreal) suck so hard?  But out of 13 records, I liked about 10 or 11.  That’s a major win, and I’m excited to find a cool label like this that puts out great vinyl.  (I’ll post a more in-depth review on the vinyl blog later.)
  5. Oh yeah… Also I’ve been posting a lot of stuff to the vinyl blog in the past couple of weeks.  So go check that out.
  6. I made a taco casserole the other day.  It’s something my mom used to make that Dave and I spent several years trying to hunt down a recipe for before one day just stumbling into it in Arkansas when one of my aunts made it.  My sister in law (Valerie) looked up a recipe and I make it from time to time.  It’s good.  I don’t get to cook much, but I always enjoy making stuff like that.  Kinda spicy, but not overwhelmingly so.
  7. Tomorrow, I’m going over to listen to a test mix of a couple of songs I recorded with my friend Tony…  So here’s some cat, bag, letting out of…  Around Christmastime, look for news on how you can purchase a Christmas record I’m playing bass on…that is being mastered at ABBEY–FUCKING–ROAD!  I’m going to have a vinyl record with my name on it that was mastered at Abbey Road before the end of the year!  (Assuming no delays. Because it’s a Christmas record, if it gets pushed back, it’ll be 2016 instead.)  How cool is that???

I’m sure there’s a lot more I was going to talk about, but I’m sleepy (I’ve been sick, as I said) and I’m struggling to think of any of it…so we’ll leave it here for now.  Come back again for something else!

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