Pointless Thing…

A friend of mine mentioned my blog to me today, thereby reminding me that I had one.  Don’t have any one thing I want to (or am at liberty to) write about, so I went to some website and copied a survey I’m now going to paste in and answer here.  Enjoy!  Or don’t!  It doesn’t really matter what you do anymore!

  1. What does the last text you sent say? And to whom?
    Won’t say to whom, but it says, “Sounds like shit to me, but he can do what he likes.”
  2. What does the last text you recieved say? And from whom?
    From my dad: “Sounds great!” (No that wasn’t related to the other text, but you really want it to be, don’t you?)
  3. What time do you wake up most mornings?
    7-something.  Drifts between 7 at my first alarm and 8, which is my emergency “GET UP, ASSHOLE! YOU’RE ALREADY LATE!” alarm.
  4. Are you afraid of walking alone at night?
    Depends where I am.
  5. What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?
    Relaxing is rarely on the schedule after a stressful day. I usually play nonsense on a guitar, but I wouldn’t call it relaxing.
  6. Where did your last kiss take place and with whom?
    I’m not going to answer this one.  I’m pretty sure she regrets and/or resents it, so why should I bring it up?
  7. Do/did you get into trouble a lot at school?
    Not really.  When I did, it was harmless stuff.
  8. Do you enjoy your job? If unemployed, are you content being so?
    They keep signing paychecks and it keeps the lights on.  I enjoy my lights.
  9. Do you often pick up on double entendres and innuendos?
    If I don’t, I create a new one.
  10. Have you ever been offered drugs but declined?
    Yeah…drugs aren’t my thing and contrary to popular belief, just saying, “Thanks, but I’m not into that.” works pretty well.
  11. Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?
    Every time I bowl.
  12. Have you ever been offered drugs and accepted?
    I’ve got regrets.  But I can count them on one hand and nobody got hurt.
  13. Tell us something weird that turns you on.
    I’m not sure if this is weird…but I’d really like to marry a musician. Piano player, if you’ve got one in stock. I’m very attracted to the idea of being able to write music together.
  14. When did someone last admit romantic or sexual feelings for you? Was the feeling mutual?
    After she got engaged a friend told me I’d missed an opportunity with her.  I was flabbergasted.  I’d have been thrilled.
  15. What is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?
    How to make positive changes in my life.  So far, I’ve got nothing.
  16. When did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?
    This is a difficult question.  If it’s a serious belief, it’s been a while.  But if you’re talking about the “Obama should’ve put down his latte!” crowd, I rarely bother anymore…I’m not sure if it’s to avoid the argument though…more that I don’t see the point in screaming at a wall.
  17. Do you usually initiate hugs?
    I’m involved in a lot of hugs.  I probably initiate upward of 50% of them.
  18. Are you a very affectionate person?
    I can be.  I’m not sure I’d be described that way by others, but I like to think of myself that way.
  19. Can you roll your own cigarettes?
    Yeah, but who does that?
  20. What are you looking forward to?
    Receiving an awesome eBay win in the mail on Monday.
  21. Do you have any tattoos. Do you want any/more?
    None presently.  I’d get one, but I’ve never really thought much about what I’d want to spend the money on.  Maybe if I got married, I’d get a matching tattoo with the wife.  Or like my kid’s name(s) if I ever had one.  If I had to get one today, I don’t know what it would be…  It seems like if I’m going to spend that kind of money, it should be for something I’m really committed to…and that seems like it should be a person.
  22. Are you mentally strong?
    I’m not sure what that means.  Possibly.  Do you mean “smart?” Because if so, I think the word you’re looking for is “are you SMART?”
  23. Are you physically strong?
    Not particularly.  I can pick shit up if I have to, but I’m not a lifter or anything.
  24. Do you think you’re a good person?
    Big question.  I try.  But I yelled “semper-fuck-yourself!” at a Marine in traffic the other day.  So it’s hard to be sure.
  25. Name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now.
    I’d be happy/content.
  26. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
    I don’t.  In fact I often skip lunch too.  My first meal is frequently around 6:30 pm.


Current Listening:

  • Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground. – I bid on a guitar pedal that was part of Lou Reed’s estate sale and I WON! It’s on its way here as we speak…  Of COURSE this is what I’m listening to!

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