Stuff I Haven’t Blogged About Yet

I have been keeping a post it note in my pocket for several weeks with a list of things I want to blog about on it. (I know that’s sad. Shut up, hippie.) Every time something else happens, I add another item to the list. So I’m going to take a few minutes to purge it. Because I’m writing this on a phone app and that’s not ideal, I’m going to set myself a limit of no more than three sentences for each item. So here we go…

1. 50 Years of Gluttony – My dad’s club celebrated its 50th anniversary over Memorial Day weekend. Dad’s a founder of The Gluttons and as much as anything I just enjoyed watching him have so much fun. Good to see a bunch of old faces and eat lots of good food.

2. My 34th Birthday – I turned 34 on May 29. It was basically uneventful. Had a crab dinner that weekend though–so that’s great.

3. “Ink-Stained Fingers” – The new record is still going strong. Got a good response from folks about it and a decent amount of downloads. Check it out if you haven’t.

4. Working with Michael Feldman – Seems like once a year Mike and I end up in front of a mixing desk together. This time he needed a demo for his solo act, so we recorded one. And I’ll be playing bass with him in July too–keep an eye out for dates!

5. Dogs & Frys – There’s a place by my house called Dogs & Frys that sells those things. Although I’m maddeningly frustrated by their misspelling of GODDAMN FRIES, it’s pretty tasty and I’d recommend them to a friend.

6. Current Reading – Presently reading “The Likeness” by Tana French. It’s more or less a follow-up to her previous book “In the Woods.” Enjoying it a lot, but reading too slowly.

7. Shakespeare in the Park – Saw a presentation of Henry V in the park here in St. Louis. Our group didn’t know what the hell was going on and we turned into those shitty people who go to Shakespeare in the Park and start making fun of it. Enjoyed the company, but sad that I lack culture in my old age, haha.

8. One Year Sober – I’ve been sober for a year as of May 27. I no longer plan on tracking it. Anniversary can pass by unnoticed from this point onward.

9. Eddie Izzard – Saw Eddie Izzard at the Fabulous Fox Theatre with my roommate Jeremy last week. He was just as great as I’d hoped he’d be. Glad that happened.

…and that’s it! Yay! We did it, you guys!!

Current Listening:
Swans – “To Be Kind” – I didn’t know about Swans. Somehow missed them since 1983. I don’t even know what in the hell this is even…but I think I adore it.


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