My Theme Restaurant

I spent some time today creating a menu for a (fake) theme restaurant. The theme of the restaurant is “Indie Rock Bands.” All menu items are based on the names of indie rock bands/artists. The restaurant itself, of course, has no name. That way, the building will remain unsigned. Ahem…

Here we go:


  • The Paul Westerburger
  • The Hot Hot Heat Dog
  • …and you will Know Us by the Trail of Breaded Chicken Fingers
  • Big Blackened Shrimp
  • BLTupelo
  • Sufjan Steamed Clams
  • Michael Penne Pasta
  • Aimee Mann-icotti
  • Chester French-Dip
  • And remember, to make ANY entrée a combo, all you have to say is “Me First and The Gimmie Fries With That!”

Side Items:

  • MC5-Alarm Chili
  • Toad the Wet Side Salad
  • Morrisseedless Fruit Salad


  • CAKE
  • Red Velvet Under-Brownies
  • Death Cab for Cheesecake

Oasis (Drinks):

  • All standard sodas available in the following sizes:
    • Pixies (Kids)
    • Metric (Small)
    • Modest Mouse (Medium)
    • Big Star (Large)
    • Mumford and Suds (Super-sized)
  • Godspeed You ! Black Coffee
  • And don’t forget to try one of our six Alabama Shakes!
    • Banana Del Rey
    • Orange-O Boingo
    • Vanilla Fudge
    • My Morning Chocolate
    • Husker Snicker-Du-dle
    • Kings of Leon (Plain Vanilla)

…and that’s how I spent my free time today.


2 thoughts on “My Theme Restaurant”

    1. In fairness, I mostly just have very specific knowledge about stuff most people don’t care about. I’m not sure that necessarily counts as “smart” in this situation. 🙂

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