For those who didn’t get the booklet…

The album is still available for ABSOLUTELY FREE (or pay what you want) at, and it’ll be there for as long as Bandcamp lets me keep parking it there.  Please go download it and all the other free music you want from me.  You don’t even have to enter an e-mail address.

A couple of folks who downloaded it complained about not getting the booklet–which if you ask me is THEIR fault since the CDs are free too…but nevertheless.  The following 16 pictures are more or less the “digital booklet” for those who want it.  Enjoy!

EDIT: If the blog doesn’t fit the photos into the page correctly, you can click on them and see the whole thing.  I’m trying to resize them so they’ll fit, but who knows? WordPress has made that harder to do than it used to be, which is why I’d normally do this on tumblr, but they have a 10-image cutoff…sigh…























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