I’m Still Depressed, but at Least I Got Some Page Hits…

A lot has happened since that last post. Foremost, thanks to everybody who has shared (and continues to share) that, as it was a HUGE spike in my blog stats and seems to be reaching a lot of people that on some level need it. I thought I was just jotting stuff down for myself, but I’m honored that others are finding it helpful too.

There’s all kinds of stuff that I should write about, but I’ve been exhausted lately. Life has taken some serious turns–some good and some bad–but if I wrote about it all right now, I’d be up until like 3 in the morning, and I’ve had enough of that lately. Short version — A friend died, I spoke at a church thing, I got some really good news at work (where I remain very busy!), and I saw both the Pixies and Jason Isbell. The latter favorited two of my tweets about his show.

Whew. Thank God that’s over.

Y’all keep kicking. I’ll try to do the same.

Current Listening:
A whole bunch of Ben Folds. Just discovered that I love his music, thanks to my friend Kaylene, to whom I am indebted.

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