“Yeah, um, give me one of those porno magazines, a large box of condoms, a bottle of Old Harper, a box of panty shields…and some illegal fireworks…and one of those disposable enemas… You know what? Make it two!” – Homer Simpson

In my defense, I STARTED writing this over the weekend, so my promise at the end of the last post…is still invalid.  Oh well.

Here’s a random post…  Be forewarned, WordPress apparently redesigned some stuff and I have no idea where the spell-check went.

  1. I’m preparing a look back at my past top-ten-albums lists from as far back as I’ve been writing this blog.  I’m going to post what I listed then vs. what I would list now in hindsight.  There are going to be some pretty major differences.  Once I start actually writing it, I’ll decide if it’s a single post or if it’s several.  I posted my first one to this blog in 2007, so that’s a lot of ground to cover!  Anyway…look for that sooner or later…’
  2. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Thanksgiving yet.  Had a good time at my family’s gathering, and hope you did at yours.  Good to see everyone, but it just seems like the time we spend together is so SHORT these days.  I was home by 7, I think.
  3. Of course, there was barely time for the turkey to cool before thoughts turned to Christmas.  Got a lot of thoughts about it this year. So let’s subdivide…
    1. First off…my own list.  My list over the past few years has basically just become a list of crap I promise not to buy before Christmas.  I’m hard to shop for, and I know that.  If I want something, I buy it.  That makes Christmas and birthdays hard…hence the list.  This year, it’s mostly TV and movies I haven’t caught up on.  And a couple books.
    2. And of course there’s also EVERYBODY ELSE’S LIST.  I get more than a little stressed out about buying stuff.  Don’t know where the money’s going to come from.  Don’t know what I’m going to get most people–even though they’ve got lists of their own.  And where does the TIME come from?  It’s already December TENTH.  That’s panic-time.
    3. This Christmas is going to be weird on a level or two as well.  It’s the first one since Dorothy died, and I know we’ll all notice the empty chair at the table.  And I know Susan’s bummed out about it–as she should be, no blame there.
    4. And this year is going to be weird for me being the first one in like 12 years that I’ve spent without a drink in my hand.  I used to love Drunkmas…  Now I’m not even sure it’s appropriate to bring a bottle of wine.  With Dorothy gone and me sober, it might be only Susan drinking it!  Seems a bit tacky to walk in with a bottle and say, “Welp…go to town!”
    5. We’ve begun decorating around the house as well.  Jeremy bought a tree (fake) this year and it already has lights on it.  And I’m going to probably put up some stuff…but to be honest, my heart’s not really in it.  I enjoyed it last year, but it just seems another item on the to-do-list this time.  I mostly just want to sit down when I get home, and I typically prefer the room not be blinking colorfully when I do it…maybe I’ll feel different about it once I start hanging shit.
  4. Planning to go see The Hobbit with my Dad and roommate next week.  Comes out on Friday, but it’s always miserable going to see something like that on opening day.  Last year, Dad and I went to see the first one in the week following it and it was a pretty sparse crowd.  I prefer that.  I like seeing these movies, and I’m glad it’s become a tradition for me and Dad.
  5. Randomly picked up a copy of the Monkees’ movie “Head.”  If you’ve never seen it, think “A Hard Day’s Night,” but on acid and actually kind of worth your time.  And if you’ve never seen “A Hard Day’s Night,” then…I don’t know…suck it, maybe?  Anyway…  I was very excited to find it, as I’ve never seen it outside of a boxed set before.  It’s a used copy, so I guess somebody liked everything else in the set and didn’t want to keep the movie.  Which I understand, but don’t support.  Haven’t watched it yet, but looking forward to doing it the next time I want some absolute nonsense.
  6. I keep thinking of buying a new (used) iPod.  My 80GB one broke forever ago and I’ve not had the money to replace it.  Found some reasonably priced used ones online, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Seems there’s always another bill first.  Oh well…
  7. Comic Book Round-Up:
    1. Finally caught up on almost a YEAR’S worth of Morning Glories.  Still great, although the timeline got extremely muddy in the middle.  (I think the publisher actually put in some scenes that weren’t supposed to be in the narrative where they were.  It seemed like there were a couple things that we hadn’t arrived at yet that more-or-less played out TWICE during one arc.)  It got really hard to follow and there got to be too many goddamn characters–most of whom look like each other–but I think with their most recent “reset” they’ve fixed the problems and it’s back on track.
    2. Also finally caught up on The Unwritten, another of my favorite books.  It has not wavered in quality at ALL in the years I’ve been reading it.  Although I didn’t really care for the crossover arc with the Fables comic, I get why they did it and it kinda worked. It’s one of the few books I read that’s still entertaining even when it’s an arc I’m not that interested in.
    3. I’ve been keeping up pretty well on Batman.  Most I’ve ever been behind on that is like an issue or two.  Scott Snyder has consistantly produced the best stories since Frank Miller was writing them…and he actually might be better than Miller.  Absolutely no complaints.  Even in the sacrilege of doing a “Year One” arc, Snyder has shined and provided his own take that doesn’t make the old take any less special.  He’s not screwing with much, and he’s improving on the universe.  So I’m happy.
    4. Sandman has begun releasing the new arc, which I guess is sort of a “prequel.”  Which is always kind of hacky and tropey.  But there it is…  I’m glad to have it, but honestly, I don’t know if I’d have been left wanting without it.  The Sandman world is already so dense, this is just kind of like adding another tier to a cake that already was in danger of toppling.
  8. Just dawned on me that I never blogged on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special!  It was PHENOMINAL.  Those familiar with the scarf I wear will perhaps have some inkling at how happy I was with the ending–just to SEE Tom Baker in the New Who series!  The rest of the story could’ve SUCKED, and that one moment would’ve been worth more than its weight in gold.  But fortunately the rest of the show DIDN’T suck.  We got to see the War Doctor redeem his past.  We got to see the current Doctor find hope for his future.  And…umm…  GALIFREY FALLS NO MORE!  Okay…  I’ll stop geeking out.  Very excited for the Christmas episode–though a little sad to know it’s the last time we’ll be seeing Matt Smith as the Doctor.  He’s been great.  One of the top three Doctors ever, I’d say.  Maybe the best.  But I do have very high hopes for Peter Capaldi.  He’ll be the first Doctor whose work I knew a little bit about before he took the role (save for John Hurt in the special, I guess–but that doesn’t really count).  He seems a great fit for it, and I’m excited to see where he takes the part.
  9. Now…  In a complete change of pace…  I’d like to address something I see all over the place during Christmas.  It’s particularly prevalent in churches.  My own is doing it, in fact.  (And before I continue, I want to be absolutely clear that this is something I fully SUPPORT, and this is in no way meant to be a criticism of the good work particularly my own church or any other church is doing–in fact this really isn’t mean to be addressed to Pursuit at all, as I believe the program they have in place addresses a specifically identified need within our congregation.  I’m just mentioning the following because I genuinely think a lot of people don’t think about it, and it’s a shame to mean well and yet miss something this important…  This is one of those things that can easily read like I’m attacking someone’s good work–and that’s the last thing on my mind.  It’s just hard to point out something like this without it feeling like a finger-shake.  Please know that I mean well.)  Okay.
    I see a lot of organizations doing toy drives and fundraisers to specifically benefit single moms at Christmas time.  That’s great.  It really, really is.  However, I would like to make an appeal of my own to each of those organizations out there…  Please do not forget the single DADs.  There are a lot of them, and it’s just as hard.  My dad became a single dad in 1994, and by the grace of God and the Missouri NEA, I’m fortunate enough to have no idea of how hard it was for him that Christmas–things went on as usual and there were gifts under the tree.  But a lot of kids living with only their dad aren’t that lucky. 
    It’s just as hard for the single dads as the single moms–in some cases HARDER, because so many hear that someone is a single dad and assume he ran out on the woman, he cheated, and he ended up with the kids because he’s got a cushy job.  Not always–or even TYPICALLY–the case.  A lot of dads are single because, out of the blue, their wife’s heart stopped working and she died.  Then they lost half or even a majority of their income, and how in the HELL are they supposed to keep the lights on, much less wrap something fun for the kids to play with?  Or in one case I’m particularly aware of (with names omitted), their wife decided they didn’t want to keep raising their mentally handicapped kid and would prefer to have peace and quiet, so she bailed and now he’s trying to even keep the fucking SERVICE DOG, much less hang Christmas lights.  Or maybe the dad WAS the one who left and maybe he had a reason you don’t understand, and maybe he’s a lousy piece of shit…but he’s still got the kid(s) and the child doesn’t deserve to suffer for the sins of the father.  And a lot of these guys lose their jobs, just like the mothers do, and the company cutbacks come at Christmas so they can start the new year in the black…and the job market isn’t any better just because you’ve got a set of balls. 
    What ever the cause or the result, the point it this…  They’re out there.  There’s a lot of them…and God damn it, church, we need to serve them too.  (End rant.  And sincerely, please DO keep up the great work you’re already doing for the single moms who also need you.  You’re doing the RIGHT thing.  I just hope you’ll do more of it.)

Okay…that’s enough of me for one night.

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