11 Things No One Tells You When You Choose to Give Up Drinking

1. This WILL be the hardest thing you’ve done by choice, and no one will appreciate it.

2. Your friends will stop inviting you to things and they’ll also turn out to not really be your friends.

3. Bars aren’t very much fun. They’re just not. They never were, but you were too drunk to notice it.

4. “Designated Driver” means nothing.

5. People will find you irritating for talking about your progress, even if you don’t talk about it very much.

6. You WILL be harshly judged by your friends (and in many cases family members) if you express having ongoing cravings for alcohol and/or for making any positive reference to–or joke about–your prior drinking. You don’t even want to IMAGINE what might happen if you relapse. (Side note: I think this is why so many relapses kill people. The guilt/shame is a much bigger problem than the problem. So don’t be a jackass to someone who fucks up–you might kill them.)

7. Alcohol is EVERYWERE.

8. You know how you used to have a problem and sit down with a drink to think about it and sort it out? Kiss that type of higher reasoning goodbye. Your ability to rationally think through and analyze your problems disappears.

9. You’ll probably start smoking.

10. You’ll lose weight, but not as much as you were hoping.

11. Your most common thought will NOT be, “this is a good thing I’m doing for my health and my loved ones.” It will be, “this really doesn’t feel like it’s worth it.”


2 thoughts on “11 Things No One Tells You When You Choose to Give Up Drinking”

  1. I will listen to you talk about this for as long as you need someone to listen. Or I will just read about it on your blog, whichever. 🙂

    Keep it up friend. You don’t need it. Your life will be better, though it may not seem like it any time soon.

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