“Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve been with someone who doesn’t know what a selfish pig I am.” – Homer Simpson

The last blog post had been staring us all in the face for over half a month, and I’ve been too lazy and bored to write anything new.  Figured it was time I did something about that.  So here’s a random post.  I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done one.  I’m writing the majority of this on my work lunch-break, just so you know…that’s how much I love you.  I’m skipping lunch.

Let’s go…

  1. My band (The Social Gospel) is on temporary hiatus through this month (and maybe a little bit into next).  With the holidays and the drummer involved in a church play, there’s just not a ton of rehearsal time available. But–here’s something anyway–in the down-time I’m doing some scratch-tracks for a new recording by the band.  I’m unsure of if it’s going to end up being an EP or a full-length or what exactly…but I think I’m tracking everything and we’ll figure it out from there, basically.
  2. If anyone’s wondering what’s going on with the recording of the new solo-album I said I was doing and then suspended…well, it’s still kind of suspended.  I plan to return to it, but I’m not sure when.  There are a couple of songs on it that I don’t think I want to finish right now–and that’s a problem–and also the sound and feel of the thing was just getting away from me and turning into something I didn’t want it to be. I’m thinking of doing a complete re-start on it.  I’ll keep the songs I want to keep, ditch the ones that I don’t want to finish, and start all over with just an acoustic guitar, and let the songs rebuild themselves. Or something.  I’m still undecided…
  3. So Thanksgiving is like next-fucking-week, huh?  I’ve been put in charge of bringing sodas to serve 30-40 people to my family gathering.  How many 2 liters is that, do you think?  I’m thinking like 3 Coke, 2 Diet, a Sprite, an Orange Soda, and a lemonade for the kids?  Does that sound close?  It’ll be good to see everybody…I just don’t know how to hydrate them.  Actually, I’m very excited to see my cousin Terry who hasn’t been to the gathering for a few years.  We’ve seen each other at a couple of funerals since the last time he made it, but it’ll be nice to see him at a happy occasion.  He’s a good guy.  We keep in touch by Twitter and Facebook and so on, and he’s come to accept me for the sweary-jerk that I am.  Him being a Baptist preacher, we’re an unlikely duo, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  And that’s pretty cool.
  4. Talking of Thanksgiving…  This is my official notice to the Internet that Best Buy has completely lost my business.  On Thanksgiving DAY (not Black Friday), Best Buy will be opening their doors to Black Friday (err…Thursday?) shoppers at 6 p.m.  Which means employees have a mandatory call-time of about 4:00.  Which means for the 180,000 people they boast employing, there is NO Thanksgiving dinner.  The mighty dollar wins again…except they’re not getting ANY of my dollars.  Not anymore.  Ever.  I will not shop at an institution that so clearly devalues the families of their employees.  (I do my best to avoid any organization that does that–presently Best Buy is the only place I patronized that I am aware is maintaining this practice…or something grammatically correct.)  So, nobody give me a gift-card for them at Christmastime–and I would encourage you to avoid buying me gifts from there as well, as I may just return them.  I’m serious.  I will not knowingly give them one PENNY from this point forward.
  5. I’ve been playing a lot of piano lately.  I’m not very well-trained on piano, so it’s a little like stepping into a new world.  I have a few things I’ve written…don’t know what will come of them…
  6. Anybody else notice that it’s really hard to find a single-subject notebook for like a dollar anymore?  What’s the deal with that?  I was at a store the other day looking for just a cheap notebook and the only single-subject ones I could find were the ones with the plastic front cover that cost like $5 for no good reason…I just want a cheap-ass notebook to write lists of things I hate in…
  7. After Lou Reed died, my brother wrote a really good post about him and made a list of his top 20 Lou Reed songs.  I decided to do the same.  This is a little late–I meant to do this within a couple of days of reading Dave’s post–but oh well.  In no particular order, my top 20 Lou tunes are:
    • Walk on the Wild Side (Even though it’s obvious…it’s obvious for a REASON.)
    • Perfect Day
    • Vicious (Prefer the “Live in London” version, but any will do)
    • Caroline Says II
    • Men of Good Fortune
    • Junior Dad (10-minutes of swells at the end INCLUDED.)
    • Magic & Loss
    • Harry’s Circumcision
    • Trade In
    • Set the Twilight Reeling
    • Street Hassle (The original is definitive, but he did a fun version on the “Animal Serenade” live record.)
    • Dirty Blvd.
    • Waves of Fear
    • How Do You Think it Feels
    • Busload of Faith
    • New Sensations
    • Pale Blue Eyes (Any version–but he did a live version with Pete Townshend that is breathtaking.)
    • Sweet Jane
    • Who Loves the Sun (Which is probably the first Velvet Underground song I liked.)
    • Candy Says
      And with that, I will now officially stop babbling about Lou Reed…until the next time I do.
  8. As we’re getting close to the end of the year, I’ve got my top-ten records for the most part selected…  I’m thinking in the weeks leading up to posting it, I might re-visit a few past years lists and write about some of the stuff I missed.  We’ll see if I have the commitment.

And that’ll do it for now.  Hope to write again much sooner.

11 Things No One Tells You When You Choose to Give Up Drinking

1. This WILL be the hardest thing you’ve done by choice, and no one will appreciate it.

2. Your friends will stop inviting you to things and they’ll also turn out to not really be your friends.

3. Bars aren’t very much fun. They’re just not. They never were, but you were too drunk to notice it.

4. “Designated Driver” means nothing.

5. People will find you irritating for talking about your progress, even if you don’t talk about it very much.

6. You WILL be harshly judged by your friends (and in many cases family members) if you express having ongoing cravings for alcohol and/or for making any positive reference to–or joke about–your prior drinking. You don’t even want to IMAGINE what might happen if you relapse. (Side note: I think this is why so many relapses kill people. The guilt/shame is a much bigger problem than the problem. So don’t be a jackass to someone who fucks up–you might kill them.)

7. Alcohol is EVERYWERE.

8. You know how you used to have a problem and sit down with a drink to think about it and sort it out? Kiss that type of higher reasoning goodbye. Your ability to rationally think through and analyze your problems disappears.

9. You’ll probably start smoking.

10. You’ll lose weight, but not as much as you were hoping.

11. Your most common thought will NOT be, “this is a good thing I’m doing for my health and my loved ones.” It will be, “this really doesn’t feel like it’s worth it.”