This is How I Keep Going…

On my lunch break today, completely inexcusably, I jotted the following phrase on the top of a notepad:

“Ideas for Flavors of Tea Aimed at the Clinically Depressed.”

This is the resulting list. This was…way too easy…

  • Suicidal Honeysuckle
  • Cherry-Vanilla Disappointment
  • Sleepy-All-Day (Brand)
  • Green with Regrets
  • Peach-Mango Failure
  • Shame-omile
  • Irish Remorse
  • Godless Boysenberry
  • Peppermint Resentment
  • My Parents Didn’t Support Me Honey Lemon
  • Nightmare Pekoe
  • Lingering Sexual Doubts Zinger
  • English Disillusionment
  • Suspicious Raspberry
  • Just-Friends Jasmine
  • Antioxidant Defeat
  • Natural Detox Before Relapse Pear
  • Why, Amanda?
  • Eucalyptus Cold Sweat
  • Staring At Nothing Mint
  • Just a Fuckin’ Hot Glass of Bailey’s
  • Suffering Black Pearl
  • Spiced Worthlessness
  • All I See is Blood Orange
  • Childless Chai
  • Lipton
  • Momentary Darkness Nutmeg
  • I’m Smoking Again Cinnamon
  • Moping Earl Grey

I think it’ll be a relatively easy sell.

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